Winter Wonderland

Tomorrow is the first day of Winter and I'm not excited in any way... Winter wonderland isn't exactly the term I should be using here in Melbourne. It becomes more like Winter Drearyland. Rain, icy breeze and a sea of black coats. I am not looking forward to it. However I have gathered a collection of lingerie photos that make me think Winter doesn't look too bad. Somehow, photographed, it makes the cold seem a little more appealing. Picture a ski lodge with a roaring fire place, a glass of red wine and some beautiful lingerie. This is the Winter I would like to have, not what I'm currently living. Pumping up the heat in my house so I don't have to wear a fluffy dressing gown to keep warm every night. I still want to wear my chemises to bed during these three months, but unfortunately my electricity bill disagrees with me.

Christies did a gorgeous photo shoot for their Winter range this year. Stock is available at the im boutiques around Australia. I will tell you more about this store later as they are the ones who got me addicted to proper designer lingerie...

 The whole theme revolved around a wooden cabin in the snow. Gorgeous don't you think?

Here are a collection of Winter appropriate shots I have gathered over the past few months. From heavy weight fabrics to cold weather inspired photo shoots done by brands and magazines.


Knitted bodysuit. Awesome!


And my most Wintery lingerie! Yes it's a little silly and frivolous but I think it's cute and only cost $10 for the set on sale while in Japan. Now I just need to get myself to a chalet in the snowfields and I'm outfit ready!

Aimer Feel

Did those photos inspire you to dress up a little more even though the weather is so dreary? It certainly did for me!


  1. I love your blog! I live in the US and see all kinds of lingerie everywhere, and while I own a few nice pieces, I rarely wear them. I just wear basics..but you've got me thinking I should bust out the good stuff. And maybe even look for more.


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