Street (Lingerie) Style: Autumn shoot

Pleasure State White Label 'Helix' Baby Doll
On the weekend I took a walk around my area and painted the town in lingerie! I had recently purchased myself a Canon 550d SLR and I wanted to play around with it more. I haven't used an SLR since cameras had film in them and you paid $9.80 for printing a 24 film roll! So it was an experience learning all the settings on a digital camera. I am getting there I think, but it will take a little more practice to get my skills back up again.

This is my version of lingerie on the streets. Quite literally! On a tree, on a hedge, on a car, on a sign.... Whatever I found that looked interesting in colour and contrast. Since I can't do a blog style, stop someone on the street who looks good to ask for their photo, I created my own version of 'Street Lingerie Style'

Their version

DimitySo 'Rose Beat' Cami

Their version

My handmade chemise. I loved the lace as it reminded me of Autumn leaves.

Photo by Vicki Kostovski

Elle Macpherson Boudoir

Chemise version

La Perla Black Label 'Donne' feather bra

'Donne' Corset
No idea what brand this even is! I cut off the tags.

Christies 'Ventaglio' bodysuit

I would love to do some more street style shots, weather permitting! It was so hard to put my beautiful lingerie onto drains and wrecked cars without anything underneath them! But what do you think of the result?


  1. This is so pretty and really creative. I love the no name in the window! Eeck I feel a lingerie addiction coming on from reading your blog. I stopped and looked at the Target Dita Von Teese range today which I wouldn't usually do, so thanks for opening my eyes up to a whole new world!

    1. Aww thanks Megan! Glad it's opened up the lingerie world to you. I hate being the only addict! ;)


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