Saturday, 5 July 2014


  As the wind blows away the truth
That has polluted my breath for so long
The air around me
becomes clearer  

Somehow life had become stilted
All the clocks had stopped ticking 
Time had slowed 
and nothing at all 
had moved on

I had waited until my heart had stopped beating
Till my eyes had stopped seeing
And I heard nothing of what anyone yelled my way

Then fates breeze started blowing
With a force that knocked me down
It blew me off the course
 I thought was carved in stone

The lights suddenly became brighter
and heights I yearned for
became so much closer
Nothing was what I expected 
yet everything was what I wanted

And all I needed to do 
was blow the past away

Blow it away 
with a breeze between the trees
with a gust between the needs
Blow away the doubts that had been seeds
The lust that had been greed
The need no longer me...

I waited until I was ready
Until it was my time
and now 
this blow is mine 

-My Lingerie Addiction

My life hasn't been a breeze for over a year now and time is something I struggle to keep a check on. I adore what I do for a living but when you are working two jobs within an industry you are highly passionate about, it makes it hard to have what I call a life

Recently I took a trip to the country side with friends for a much needed escape. As always I took along a bag full of lingerie.  Each time I think I will take a break from my work for awhile, somehow it draws me back in. Not because I need to be that involved but I find once I relax I automatically become more inspired to work harder. I guess it is my calling.

The above photos are all untouched shots I took of my Pleasure State Couture "Tiara" pleated chemise. Every time the wind blew, the piece took on a completely different look. I loved the way the pleats would fall and float as the winds grew stronger. It inspired the shots and it created the poem. Lingerie has become my muse...

So let me ask you, what inspires you to be creative?

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Lingerie and the single girl

Aubade 'Endormie' Chemise

I'm going to let you in on a little secret... I am single and have been for awhile (yes hard to believe for someone with a lingerie addiction). My friends always tell me, "You'll have a boyfriend in no time if only they knew what you did for a living!" But the truth is actually quite the opposite. Through time and bad media exposure, the word lingerie has been intrinsically linked to sex. And if you work in the lingerie industry, it ultimately means to men, that I'm easy and I want to sleep with them. Because hey, isnt that why I wore stockings and suspenders on our first date? (not that I wear them every day or anything like that...)

This becomes an issue for me when a potential mate decides its ok to ask upon first meeting me, "So what lingerie are you wearing today?" (as an image builds in their head). It puts me off telling men what I do for a living. But the lingerie world is my life, my passion, and has been my career for fourteen years. How could I have an honest conversation with someone if Im not to mention what my life is about and what I'm ultimately working towards...

Bordelle Gia Bra and Crystal Heart Suspender Skirt

Women also seem to have forged the same link between lingerie and sex and I hear far too many female clients say, "Why would I wear or buy nice lingerie? I don't have a boyfriend!" Well neither do I, but I wear beautiful lingerie every day for no one but myself. I feel good when I wear it and I won't stop just because no one else gets to see it. 

Yes lingerie is the last remnant of modesty before taking things further with a lover, hence it can be seen as an item of lust by some. But its also the garment that protects as well as supports your body. Its the first piece of fabric you step into when you get dressed in the morning. So why is lingerie seen to be about the other person?

Being single doesn't mean you start wearing your old striped undies and beige T-shirt bras. Or that when you get a new partner suddenly your 'frivoulous lingerie' drawer gets opened and you start to wear your matching sets again. When we dress up for him we usually put on an outfit that we feel sexiest in. More confident in. More beautiful in. So why cant we do this for ourselves? We're the judgmental ones... Not them.

La Perla Jean Paul Gaultier Bra with 'Fiebre De Amor' fringe high waist bottom

We women dress up in order to impress the people around us. We over analyze our appearance and constantly compare ourselves to others. We look in the mirror far more often than males do. So why don't we start first thing in the morning by putting on a beautiful lingerie set just for ourselves and look in the mirror with a cheeky smile, knowing that no one will get the privilege of seeing what you're seeing. Spend the day with that air of confidence and no one need know why.

Photographs from a recent shoot I did with this wonderful team

Photographer: Vlad Savin Photography
Model: Keira Brigham Model
Stylist: My Lingerie Addiction
Make-up and Hair: Amy Kenny Makeup Artist & Hairstylist

Do you save your good lingerie for when someone else is going to see it? Or do you wear it for yourself?

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Lingerie Addicts Anonymous

My Prelude shot by Nat Rowe

I recently started a small support group called Lingerie Addicts Anonymous or as I like to call us #LAA. Once a week, lingerie addicts from around Melbourne gather to chat about the lingerie we sell, own or desire. We all have something in common. A now not so secret addiction to lingerie.

When I first talked about starting this group, I couldn't imagine there would be so many interested in joining in the conversation. I felt Australia was so out of the lingerie loop that I pictured these events being based around me showing myself my latest lingerie purchases in front of the mirror.

But as I blogged, Tweeted and Instagrammed My Lingerie Addiction, I decided this group was actually a worthwhile gathering. Australia had much more lingerie interest than when I first started the blog. The intrigue was growing.

My Maison Close zip bra
Women all over Australia were putting their hands up and admitting to being lingerie addicts and curious about what our gatherings were about. Since we're only one month into the group, I haven't talked about it in detail or put a call out to people who may be interested, but now I feel it's time. So let me tell you a little bit about LAA.

We are a group of women of varying ages and backgrounds. Some of us work in the industry as store owners, designers, fitters or models and others are pure lingerie buying enthusiasts. We aren't like alcoholics anonymous where we take you through the 12 steps to help beat your addiction. Instead, we help enable it!

We encourage conversations about better promoting lingerie for industry people and smarted ways of buying, for lingerie shoppers. We embrace wearing lingerie for yourself not for anyone else. We do a show and tell of our latest or favorite purchases. We help you find items that are on your high desire list. We connect you to people you may want to meet and converse with.

Everyone (female only I'm sorry) is welcomed if you have an interest in lingerie or want to learn more, but if bad behavior or negativity is displayed, you will not be notified of the next venue we meet at. If you don't know any of the group members and turn up at the designated venue, the good thing is we are an easy bunch to spot! A group of women all wearing lingerie as semi outerwear. Be it a harness, a bit of a stocking top showing under a skirt or a sheer top with a corset underneath. You cannot miss us.We are all clearly lingerie addicts.

My BelleChasse Bodysuit
So if you are a Melbourne based female and would like to chat about lingerie with a group of like minded enthusiasts, please contact me via email at

Do you have any questions about My Lingerie Addiction and the new founded group Lingerie Addicts Anonymous? 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

I AM Beyonce!

As I dance around my house every morning, listening to the radio in order to wake up, I like to think I am Beyonce. I have the dance moves down pat (well in my sleepy state of mind I do), I have a booty I like to shake but most of all, I have the same lingerie taste that Queen B has. Perhaps I am Beyonce...

Earlier this year at the Grammys we saw this award winning artist wear a mix of two of my favourite labels of all time, La Perla and Nichole De Carle. Both brands have a style completely their own, but when you combine the two, it equals pure lingerie magic.

Nichole De Carle bodysuit with La Perla Cage vest

The outfit Beyonce wore was La Perla Black Label's Cage vest worn over a specially tailored version of Nichole De Carle's Onyx Tuxedo Bodysuit. Both pieces are now on my must have list. I'm just waiting to save a little more money...You know how it is. Lingerie lust = "I can't afford to eat this week"

Over the many years of being a lingerie addict, I have amassed a huge collection of designer lingerie, especially La Perla, and now I have started on Nichole De Carle. Last year I was fortunate enough to meet with the namesake designer in Europe and chat lingerie over coffee. For me it was like a dream. Meeting with a true original creative, who understands fashion and doesn't follow trends; she creates them. Nichole has a style all her own and the way she talked about her passion for design in lingerie was truly inspiring. To anyone else, I guess it was like meeting Beyonce herself.

From Lingerie Insight
I don't mind spending money on lingerie I class as collectable. I love to buy the highly unusual, high fashion items that I consider to be works of art. Sometimes they appear styled as outerwear but more often than not, they are strictly for underneath garments and only for myself to truly enjoy. But seeing these items in the public eye, like in video clips, makes me think again... How far can I push these lingerie as outerwear boundaries? If Beyonce can do it, why cant I?

The bra featured above is part of a La Perla set I just had to own. The fringing is detachable, the hi waist knickers delectable and seeing it worn by Beyonce herself made it even more desirable. I wasn't sure how easy this set would be to wear but it had to be part of my collection.

The bra has already been worn three times, which is impressive for me! Once by a model in my most recent shoot and twice by me. I decided to wear it under a cropped white chantilly lace top with a high waist full skirt to Melbourne Fashion week and then just as a bra to my burlesque class! Truly versatile!

A Lingerie Affair 
Photographer: Vlad Savin
Model: Keira Brigham
Stylist: My Lingerie Addiction
Make-up and Hair: Amy Kenny 

Some of the lingeire I own is just too beautiful not to show off as the high fashion pieces they are. I just need to figure out some more creative ways to wear them as outerwear... Thats a full post in itself! 

What do you think of lingerie in video clips featured as outwear?

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Fruit that is Passion

Hopeless Lingerie
Bump and grind, meet and mingle, that's what Passion Fruits name sake event was about last month. I was lucky enough to be invited along to the Pre Valentines party hosted by the brawn and brains behind this seductive store, Michelle Temminghoff.  Lingerie fans had the opportunity to talk with other enthusiasts, watch burlesque dancers, mingle with lingerie designers, pose for photographers and of course, compare the lingerie they were all wearing!

I bumped into familiar faces, talked with other lingerie industry people and met a whole group of new 'lingerie' friends. An event like this gives us an excuse to dress up out of the normal realm and up the sexiness level; outside of the bedroom. When else is it pretty much a stated dress code to wear lingerie as outerwear? How could I not attend...

For those who aren't familiar with this store you are about to learn pretty fast who they are and why they have survived the years in this tough retail climate. Passion Fruit is a female orientated sensuality store located at 404 Bridge Road, Richmond (Melbourne Australia). This is a store I have been frequenting for many years and have found it to be a secret treasure trove of lingerie, not to mention books, toys and anything else a woman could secretly desire.
Only recently did this well known store have a revamp and saw the look and overall appeal change completely. No longer was it a hidden away little gem, dark and moody, it was now a high end 'Look at me' store that demanded your attention as you walked passed. I had friends ask me if I had seen the 'new' lingerie store that had opened up on Bridge Road... "Oh you mean Passion Fruit. I've been shopping there for years." "WHAT?!"

Fraulein Kink
Inside the store previously, the insanely desirable high end lingerie labels had been tucked away up the back. Hopeless was pressed up against Shirleys of Hollywood. Lascivious was squished next to Leg Avenue. They had a bit of everything, and that surprised me from a small singular store like this. But that is why I loved it there! I loved going through the racks and discovering lingerie like I was on a treasure hunt. They stocked Fraulein Kink for goodness sake! I had never seen this phenomenal label in person and I wanted it needed it!

Over the years I have purchased from Passion Fruit some of my favorite pieces by Bordelle, Hopeless, Carol Malony, Maison Close and more. The service here has always been beyond helpful and comfortable and this is why the store works. You can browse in silence if you choose to but if you want to talk, you can have a completely open conversation about lingerie or the goodies that hide beyond the front room....

This event took everyone outside of their comfort zone and the champagne helped inhibitions disappear as honest conversations took place with anyne who was standing next to you. It was a meeting of minds and the start of quite a few new friendships!

Here is what took place that night


Michelle Temminghoff
Lady Bellentina and crew

Made by Niki

I look forward to another of their events and finally deciding what my next purchase should be... Lascivious, Made by Niki or Fraulein Kink?? Help me decide!!

For up to date information you can find me here on Instagram
Would you like to attend the next party with me?

Monday, 17 February 2014

I love you more than lingerie

Valentines Day has come and gone and I know, I didn't even blog about it... I have been in absolute peak season in every aspect of my lingerie work. I had no plans for Valentines night because
#1 I knew I would be exhausted beyond belief
#2 No one asked for my time...

"I'm not a Valentine's type" I said, but then again, is this something singles say when they don't have a date?
Is that what couples say when they know their other half will just scoff at the idea of having to organise something?
Is that what I would say if I were all loved up and wanting to celebrate that with my partner and he also wanted to celebrate with me?
Is saying you aren't into Valentines day, just an excuse for the way you actually feel?

I remember a time when I would celebrate Valentines day in true romantic style. Not only would I organise new lingerie for myself and make a gift for my partner, but he would also have planned a surprise night out for the two of us. He would appear at my house with a bunch of roses and a little gift to say "I acknowledge today, even if I don't show you my appreciation all the time." But then again, that was when I was young and unaffected by heart break. That was with my first love. Does the feeling of love and romance lessen through time?

I am a romantic at heart so I hold onto this concept of love, romance and signs of overt affection that perhaps normally are stunted. Valentine's Day gives us an excuse to do something we wouldn't normally do to express our feelings. Perhaps he will buy a lingerie set that you wouldn't normally wear, but that night you will wear it proudly. Maybe it's just a matter of cooking a meal together as the two of you are never ever seen in the kitchen at the same time. That day, somehow, you make it work. A meal emerges and the wine flows much more freely. You cease the arguing and you make an effort with each other.

Yes Valentines day has become this over commercialized day promoting sales for florists, lingerie stores and restaurants, but so what? You celebrate Christmas don't you? Is this any different? So what if Santa Clause doesn't exist, do you tell your children that when they are young or do you hold onto the image it actually represents as long as you possibly can? Why do we become so much more jaded as time goes by? I love the idea that family put their differences aside for Christmas and make an effort with each other. I like that couples step out of the normal, perhaps banal life for Valentine's and make a romantic gesture when perhaps every other Friday night they would just yell at each other...

You can buy into the commercialized version of what you think Valentine's Day is as much as you want, but you know what? I will always hold onto the image it represents to me and always celebrate it when I am in love, in the style I am accustomed to. Love, lingerie, romance and appreciation. My parents got married on this day for a reason...

This year I celebrated Valentines day with my clients while working, and at night in my La Perla Black Label corset while napping away my exhaustion on the couch. It was a perfect day celebrating the things I currently love most. Lingerie and sleep... But I do look forward to the day I can say to someone,
"I love you, more than lingerie..."

What did you do to celebrate Valentine's Day this year?

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

I dont buy lingerie in order to wear it!

 Buying lingerie online is not something I recommend most people do, as it can truly be hit or miss. But I have to admit I do often purchase my lingerie this way. You see, I dont actually care if an item fits me or not if I can get it at a good price. I am a collector after all... and I buy to own, not necessarily to wear. I know my size in most brands and if it doesn't fit me, no doubt I will use it in a photo shoot along the way. It's all part of building my collection.

After years of practice I can usually tell just via a photograph and basic size guide, if an item is going to fit me or not. Luckily I do have an adaptable, easy to fit size... but sometimes I find a piece that I must have even though I know in my heart of hearts it will never ever fit me... Say hello to my new Myla diamante bra that I will never wear...

I bought this piece online last month and I knew as I hit pay and my money left my account, that I was never going to be able to wear it. I had seen a similar piece at the Myla concession at Printemps when I was in Paris last year and drooled over the metal frame and sparkling jewels in the glass case it lay in. When I looked at the price tag, I knew that it would never come home with me, as this piece was worth the actual flight over there. So in my dreams it stayed living for the next few months.

When this piece popped up on my eBay search while killing time before work, I nearly died. The price tag was actually affordable and even though I could see the size was too small, I had to own it. My collection didn't feel complete without this on my racks. My existing jeweled bras were beautiful no doubt, but they didn't compare to this fully caged style.

There were only about five minutes left on the auction when I came across it, so I bid hard and I bid high! I went in for the killer hit just one minute before the auction ended and then put my phone away. I was too scared to check if I'd won, knowing my day would be ruined if I were to find out that yet again it wouldn't be mine...

Luckily the lingerie gods were on my side that day and I would finally own this gem. Once it arrived in the post I tried it on but it hardly covered my bust. The neck strap was about six jewels too short and the middle clasp was far too close together for my shape. It didn't fit, but that was ok. It was mine.

It still lives inside it's satin bag, wrapped in tissue inside the Myla box it arrived in. I take it out about once every three days to look at and then it gets returned delicately back to its home. In a couple weeks it will go out on a shoot and I wait nervously to see that it arrives back in one piece and that the photos are worth the effort of buying and adding this bra to my ever growing collection

To follow my day to day purchases find me on my newly set up Instagram for My lingerie addiction

What is your most frivolous lingerie purchase?