Strap it on!

I couldn't resist using that term, I'm sorry. This is in no way a dirty blog post so get that thought out of your head. This is a raunchy blog post! This is all about strappy lingerie. Automatically, a strappy style, creates a sexier effect to a lingerie set no matter what the colour or fabric may be. It can be made from the prettiest of laces to the the toughest of leathers. It is a statement piece no matter what.

There are thousands of different versions of strappy that you can do. So if you're not prepared to pop on the full bondage gear but want to try something different here are a few looks you should consider.


If you want to go all out then opt for something like the UK label Bordelle. They specialise in everything made from wide elastic, strapped up in a million different ways. Dresses, corsets, bras, bottoms and accessories. This label is phenomenal.

Naory 'Gin'
Pretty it up by adding it to lace or colour, making a more feminine statement while still holding onto all the raunch. Remember the trick to wearing a very strappy set is purchasing the correct size. Disregard what the tag says and remember the rule, if it digs in, then go up a size or two. You are the only person who is going to know that you purchased a large instead of the small you normally go for. The worst thing about strappy pieces is when they cut in and give you unsightly bulges where you wouldn't normally have them.

Agent Provocateur

Nichole de Carle
I love love love this label! Not a hint of lace appears in their collections but they still hold a very feminine appeal. Using mainly silk and elastic they create the most unusual and sexy designs while still being quite functional. The photo below, used for advertising, shows the many ways you can wear the pieces most people will see as not being practical. Nichole de Carle proves that wrong...

Agent Provocateur

La Perla
Nichole de Carle

Something cheap

Marlies Dekkers
Marlies Dekkers is a Dutch lingerie designer turning basic wear into something a little more special. Taking a basic smooth line bra and adding extra straps to create a sexy look to an otherwise plain style. Dekkers likes to play with the lines a female body naturally creates and accentuate them with the thin strap work she uses. Raunchy basic wear.. I like!

Victoria's Secret

The strappier it is the harder it is to get on. I have one piece that you have to lay out completely flat first before you can put it on. It's so tricky! But I think well worth the effort. A simple piece, with more straps than fabric but makes a statement and can be worn over the top of an outfit. I however couldn't be bothered untangling it to photograph!

Here are some of the strappier pieces I own.

Do you own any strappy lingerie?


  1. What a PHENOMINAL post on strappy lingerie! I'm overwhelmed and blown away by the photos of all the gorgeous lingerie! The look by Bordelle in the second photo excites me, the third photo featuring Naory 'Gin' is feminine and hot, the Nichole de Carle bustier/corselette with suspendered and strapped knickers is gorgeous the violet diamond mesh strappy teddie, the Agent Provocateur, the La Perla, SWOON!!!! Lingerie can leave me breathless! Wonderful!


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