How to buy and sell used panties in Japan Part #1

Warning. This post contains adult content. 

Over the many years I had been visiting Japan, I had heard rumors about these elusive vending machines that sold used women's panties... Used panties? Who would sell their dirty underwear? And more importantly, who would buy them?? Since I always traveled there with my family I never had the opportunity to discover this phenomenon for myself, until a few years ago... What you're about to read I have barely told a soul, so please, don't tell my mum!

Whilst in Tokyo about five years back, I finally got to experience the used panty fetish first hand. As I shopped solo around a young fashion building I found that I was was being followed by what I call a salary man. He was in his early 40s, neatly presented, wearing a business suit. I wasn't dressed up at all. In fact, I looked like a tourist. I wore a basic black cotton dress of modest length, my hair tied up in a pony tail, bare legs and sandals. All the girls in the complex looked like living dolls compared to me. They were dressed immaculately with their hair curled to perfection, eye lashes that made them look like manga characters and all wore high heels.

The only reason I actually noticed this man, was because the complex housed fashion for young females only. The rare man that wandered the building was firmly attached to one of these overdressed giggly females. This man however was walking amongst racks of high heels, kawaii dresses and ruffled lingerie  just staring at women, not the garments. Something wasn't right.

After tagging behind me for two floors, trying to catch my eye, I started to feel extremely uncomfortable and decided to head to the nearest ladies room. I felt that I couldn't alert security, my Japanese language skills were pretty poor and I didn't think I could describe this man to them well enough. So I decided to wait it out until he had gone. Once I emerged from the bathroom and started my walk down the corridor, he stepped out and blocked my path.

"I would like to buy your panties." He said very politely in Japanese.
"Sorry I don't speak Japanese!" I said cheerily in English as I tried to walk past him and pretend I didn't understand what he said. Maybe I had heard wrong... I wasn't sure.  He tried again.

"I would like to buy your dirty panties. I will give you $200 for them." I had heard him correctly...
He proceeded to try hand me two fresh $100 bills (10000yen) as he made a motion for me to remove my underwear right then and there. I stood in complete shock, unable to move or say a word. He could tell that I had understood him.

"Ok ok. $300 then. But they better be dirty... And you need to take them off in front of me."

Was this actually happening? I felt violated, scared, yet completely fascinated by what this random man was asking of me. We were in a public space. Someone could have come around the corner any second and found him there harassing me. But he had no fear and he said it all so politely, like this was normal.

"No, no thank you....." I don't know why I was being so polite! Was it because he was or was it a cultural thing somehow inbred in me? I was half Japanese after all.

He then proceeded to under his fly and pull out a tiny flaccid penis as he started to rub away at it with one hand and the other held the cash asking me to take it.

"It's ok you can take the cash if you just stand and watch me. It will only take a minute." 

At this point I shoved him out of the way and ran out of the building and back to my hotel. As soon as I walked in the door, I burst out crying. This whole fetish that had fascinated me previously suddenly disgusted me. Why did he think it was ok to approach a foreigner in a shopping complex to ask her to take off her panties? Was this normal? Was this just a fetish held by the rare few? Did this happen to everyone? Did I somehow lead him on by the way I dressed or my politeness? Should I have worn jeans that day?

Once I relaxed and realised that he wasn't out to harm me and I was completely fine after this tale, I decided to do some research on the used panty fetish. I had new eyes now. I had seen it first hand and I wanted to learn more.

The Japanese culture tends to blend an over uniformed style with a deep undercurrent of everything that is seen to be taboo. Pay by the hour hotels are blatantly advertised all over the country as a stop off for a quickie session. Manga characters take on a childlike innocence mixed with extreme blatant sexuality where kawaii turns hentai. Business men who bow to their clients as a sign of respect then hit the karaoke bars together and get wasted and then go in search of used panties! (Well that's what I pictured anyway.. )

After talking to some locals I heard the used panty vending machines had been banned a year or so earlier due to the selling of under aged girls underwear. It was something they were finally trying to control. The whole school girl fetish was huge in Japan. So much so that you could find girls way out of high-school wandering the streets in full uniform attire looking for her next sponsor. They were easy to spot. Skirt hitched so short you could actually see her underwear while she sported a designer hand bag, showing she could be bought. Or at least her panties could be. Real school girls carried their actual school bag.

There was however still specialized stores that sold not only used panties but school girl uniforms. And one wasn't far from where I was staying. This was something I had to see for myself...

But this I will have to leave for the next post! 

I apologise if this post offends any of my readers out there as I know this is meant to be a light hearted lingerie blog, but there is a lot behind what I am trying to write about. As I continue posting I hope to shed some light onto the cultural differences that then mold the lingerie industry in this country and better explain why it is completely different to our own. It isn't just about it being "kawaii...!" There is depth behind the style.

Would you sell your used panties for a price?


  1. I have to be honest, I had a blast reading this article. On one hand I relate as a woman to being followed and sexually harassed, the difference is my voyeur/exhibitionist had a HUGE penis, like, gargantuan. You feel so violated, but than you're so taken aback by the absurdity of it all you become fascinated by the whole experience. As far as dirty panties, porn stars have been selling their used thongs for years. I remember watching a show and seeing a clear garbage bag filled to the brim with thongs. I guess letting them 'stew' together made them more fragrant. I've lost count of how many literal dogs have a jonez for women's underwear, seems the human dawgs do too, lol.

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