That's why they call it the blues....

Christies 'Mon Amour'

This week I've been really feeling the blues.... It could be to do with the fact that Winter seems to have arrived early here in Melbourne. The nights are shorter, the rain harder and the rooftop bars are closing their doors. Red wine becomes more tempting than white and heaters are always on at home, zapping electricity like never before. I've been sick also which has meant cancelling plans and staying in with a warm cup of tea. This just isn't me...

In order to cheer myself up, I put on a favourite La Perla set that I hardly ever wear. It's not a practical shape, but the great thing about cold weather are the multiple layers you have to wear just to venture out. So the silhouette of this set was disguised under three layers of clothing. This is the one and only reason I don't mind colder weather!

John Galliano
Don't just feel the blues this Winter...wear the blues proudly! There are so many beautiful blue lingerie sets out there, in such an array of different shades. From the deepest of navy's to the palest baby blue. They can all convey such different moods through each different shade. Blue in general symbolizes depth and stability. It doesn't have to be a boyish look wearing blue, these photos will prove that quick!

 Pale and baby blue


Elle Macpherson


Pale blues offer such a sweet look whilst not being too girlie, like a pale pink would. It still is as delectable as any gelato shade, and it tends to be a favourite amongst the boys. I think it takes men back to their childhood...

Mid and Sapphire blue

Eight lingerie

Parah Noir


Sapphire blues are the sexiest of the hues. The mid colour offers a more creative mood and heightens sensitivity. This tone can also be self-centered but at the same time, it can help us to build our self-esteem. At its most extreme it can be boastful and narcissistic. Nothing wrong with that when it comes to lingerie!

Dark and Navy blue

Hopeless Lingerie (Melbourne made label!)

Lise Charmel 'Recital Blue'

Fredricks of Hollywood

Did you know that navy blue denotes chastity? Hmm... who would've thought. I certainly wouldn't have from the photos I just posted! Navy blue is also known as the colour of authority and depth. Dependable, stable, mature and calm. Maybe this is why they use it as the colour of a Police uniform. Hmm uniforms, that's another blog post altogether!

                              How do you deal with your 'blues?'


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