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First of all Happy belated Mothers day to all the mothers out there! I hope you all had a lovely relaxing day with family.

Last night my friend and I took our mothers out for dinner. They had known each other since before we were born, so we thought it would be lovely for us girls to have this mothers day dinner together. First of all there was my friend and her mother. Both in dark classic attire. Demure and sophisticated. Then there was my mum and I... colourful and different! We all laughed at how you could easily tell who was mother and daughter in our group. I started to think about our similarities. We didn't have the same build, my mother and I. She was also a lot louder and more social than I am, but our taste in fashion and colour were the same! Bright, bold and unusual. We like to stand out and colour and fabric always made us feel better about ourselves when we wore it.

My mum shared with me her first bra experience. She was about 15 and had just started playing volleyball at school. She was jealous of her friends wearing bras already and she was fuller busted than all of them and wanted one too. Not only wanted one but actually needed one, especially to play sports, so she asked her mum for her first bra. Her mother had never owned a bra, so it was a different world for her going to purchase one. So what she bought was not pretty, it was purely functional.

I struggled to remember the first proper bra I ever owned, until the image I had suppressed for so long, popped into my wonder I had forgotten about it! It was a full coverage wire bra without any shape to it. It was in a far too dark skin shade for my colouring and I didn't even fill out the cup properly! As my Mum had said, I didn't even need a bra then, but she felt at my age I should have one. Not just the crop top styles I had been wearing. Thanks mum....

I could however remember the first bra I picked out for myself! It was from Target, made of pink satin and had a soft moulded cup in a balconette shape. A few of my friends had the same bra and I loved it so much I bought myself one. At 15 I fitted myself in store, as there was no way I would have someone else fitting me at that age, and I found I was a 10B. I purchased two of the same bra. 

Mine was similar to this

Getting myself out of that first bra and into something pretty and comfortable, while still being practical, was my first step into lingerie addiction. Realising that there were beautiful lingerie pieces out there that could also be functional was eye opening for me, as I was never shown that growing up. My mum only wore plain beige bras.

Another friend of mine brought her Mum to me to do a fitting on the lead up to Mothers Day. Her mum thought she was a DD sizing but both my friend and I could see that was not the case.... I took her to a store and fitted her into a G cup. I think its a hard thing to admit you've changed sizes. All you know is what you have worn for years. But size does alter with a small amount of weight change and with age in general.

I thought it was cute that when you're a teenager, your mum takes you to get a new bra, but when you are older you take your mum for the same reason! She needs better support than what she is currently wearing. My mum gets dragged along to stores when we are together, as I cannot pass by any lingerie store, so she regularly has fittings with me and with assistants. The first time she was surprised to know she was a different size than what she had always thought she was. But she hadn't been fitted in years and presumed, as she hadn't put on much weight, that she was the same size. She wasn't...

It was so interesting to go through first bra stories with my mum. It was something we have never spoken about before. She didn't remember purchasing my first bra, but she remembered her own. My mum is still shocked at what it is I do and wonders how I found such a fascination in this industry. I can't quite describe it but I know it started when I bought myself, my first bra. 

What is your first bra story?


  1. To be honest, I probably still don't need a bra. I do vaguely remember buying my first bra. I didn't need one but I was 18 and everyone was already wearing them. I remember the size- 10A! AND it didn't even fit! the band was too big and the cup was also too big. It was the smallest size I could find. It was very embarrassing. I've gone through my adult life with a very small bust (non existent actually), so no need for a bra but now I'm happy to be a size 6DD....

    1. Thanks for sharing your first bra story. They never seem to be positive first experiences for anyone do they?? Well hopefully second time 'round bra shopping has been a little more fun! ;)

  2. I remember that time when Bec and I visited, you had this tiny dress on, your mum cupped your breasts and commented on your size, so funny, I think the word were "so small" talk about embarassing, but so cute!!!

    1. Ha ha ha!!! I had blocked that out as well!!! Oh mothers, god love em! Now I appreciate my breasts no matter what size they are. I dress them well!

  3. Hi, my first bra was cup AA75. Me and my mother didn't buy the bra in a lingerie shop. Just a simple shop with everything what you need, teenage bra's too. In the beginning I had only 2 bra's and we didn't know where we can find more bra's.. Do you knew Dutch lingerieshops? (I live in Holland and I'm only 13 years old).
    Bye, Natasja.


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