Lingerie PhD or Addiction

A typical day off for me is spent trawling the shops and world wide web for spectacular lingerie from all over the world. Educating myself on brands, styles, colours, stores etc. Learning as much as I can about the industry that I live and breathe. There is no in-depth University course that I can do that will teach me all I want to know about this industry. I have been in it for ten years and there's still learning to be done. It's not just about design, fit, fabric, marketing, merchandising, buying, selling, photography, writing... there is so much more. So I treat this addiction as a PhD in Lingerie.  I know that my behavior is a little obsessive, but then if it's a passion and how I make a living, should it matter that I do it in my spare time? While cleaning the house? On the tram? Walking down the street? At dinner with my Mum? On a date??

How I spend my day:


In the morning I went lingerie shopping for a friend of mine. She needed some new bras and I know her size, what shape works and how to hunt down a bargain. My local Bendon outlet had a wall of bras at $10. I knew there was nothing amongst it for me. I either had it already or there was no size that would work, but I found two gems for my friend. They were both Elle Macpherson bras. One Obsidian and one Boudoir. Both rrp $140 selling for $10. Let's hope they do fit well. Luckily they even exchange on sale items there, so if not, no loss!

Obsidian 'Frances' bra in black

Obsidian 'Frances' set

Boudoir in ruby red



In the afternoon I wandered around my area taking photos. I wanted to capture the suburb I live in as well as photograph lingerie in unusual places. I use stock standard flat shots for the blog as it's then about the lingerie and nothing else. But what I really like to do is a little more arty. So I will feature that in an upcoming post. So I walked the streets pegging lingerie onto tree branches, fences, wrecked cars and shop signs. It was a fun expedition.  Here's a sample of what I got up to.

Autumn Lingerie
I found this after I did my shoot. I would've loved a model for mine.


Night time for me is about relaxing and internet browsing. Looking up different lingerie brands and finding out what it is they're up to. New styles, colours and lingerie trends. Australia is a little out of the loop when it comes to variety here so Im usually found on international sites. Occasionally I submit and purchase something off a webstore. But usually only unless I know the brand really well and have tried them on before.

To me this was a very happy day. Lingerie shopping, photography and a bit of online research. All done in my so called down time.

I think when people picture a lingerie addict they see a different image to who I actually am. I am not a vintage Queen dressing in bullet bras and suspenders with pin curls in my hair. I am not a rich princess who dresses head to toe designer and carries a little dog as a fashion accessory. I don't 'dance' on stage and show off my outfits to the paying public. I am a normal girl who wears normal clothes but have learnt how to find good lingerie.

 I am grateful to be sharing my world with you here on this blog.


  1. And I am happy you have too! Loving the blog.


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