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For all the Melbournites reading this, you should hopefully know the store Belle Chasse. They are located on High Street Armadale and this store is the ultimate in boudoir delights. They opened their warehouse doors last weekend and had their first out of store sale. I ventured down to the St Kilda location with a budget, as I knew I could go crazy in there. Warehouse sales are the best as you can not only pick up discount stock but often sample pieces that you won't see out in the store. That is what I wanted to find.

I had seen the 'Lucriette' chemise on the website previously and loved the combination of soft pink silk and black lace. As soon as I hit the warehouse floor I could see a few girls surrounding the rack that had these pieces. I bustled my way in and grabbed the only small size I could see, then tracked down the matching bottom. Proud of myself, I walked around crazily grinning at finding my first set of the day, until my friend exclaimed that I didn't need the matching bottom. I stared at them in shock, asking how they could possibly think that way! I always purchase a matching bottom with each top I buy. They laughed and pointed out that in my hand was not a chemise but in fact a 'playsuit'. The person I thought not to be educated on lingerie had showed me up. I was embarrassed, but also a little proud knowing they could point it out before I'd even noticed. Not only that, but they could tell a playsuit from a chemise - so I do rub off on friends! Alas there were no chemises on sale. I sheepishly returned the bottoms to the rack...

Belle Chasse 'Lucriette' silk playsuit
I do happen to love 'onesies' so was happy to own this one in silk. Would've preferred the chemise, but at $60 for the playsuit or $119 for the chemise I was happy with my choice. It was different.

I held this leopard print bodysuit in my hand for a while, tossing up whether to buy it or not. It wasn't that I didn't love the style, but I was struggling with my choice to purchase something that reminded me of a piece I had been coveting from Bordelle... The 'Infragante' bodysuit. I loved the shape of it, the cut aways, the straps... and at $40 for Belle Chasse's version, I had to cave and say yes. (I am sorry Bordelle. I still love you...) The disappointing thing about this piece is the fact that it has no gusset clips. So if you wear it as outerwear, as was suggested, how could you go to the bathroom?? You have to take the whole outfit off.


$10 Sample
I had seen women milling around two tubs on top of a table and realised that's where the samples were. I caught sight of someone holding onto something long, black, sheer, with loads of silver hooks and eyes. I was insanely jealous. I wanted a find like that. I wandered off to look at the other racks waiting for an opening so I could raid the tubs. I let that piece out of my sight and continued my hunt, before noticing that the woman holding the sheer black piece no longer had it in her hand, but now another woman did! I couldn't wait any longer. I made my way towards the sample area and dove into the tubs. Wrong size bottoms, dated bras, faulty sample goods, then low and behold the next woman who had held onto the black piece put it down after saying it looked too tricky to put on. I grabbed my chance and swept up the item, doing my best to hide my eagerness.

This piece ranks as one of the cheapest bargains I've had the pleasure of picking up. I wasn't sure if it was going to fit but it looked about right. I made my way to the cashier and popped my four items down. I tentatively asked the price of this black piece and was told anything from the tubs were $10. The lovely attendant also shared with me that this particular piece was a sample that took a long time to create and never made the final cut - It was a one off piece. Only the camisole version (featured in the opening image) was produced in the end.

As soon as I arrived home I got to work on hook after hook after hook and squeezed myself into this 'dress'. It was AMAZING! Not the best shape in the cup but it was a nice snug fit with sheer panels on the side and satin coverage in the front. I had nothing like it. Score!

To grab yourself a bargain piece from Belle Chasse the sale continues here


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What has been your best lingerie bargain?


  1. Your lingerie shopping excursion sounds like a lot of fun. I'm nowhere near Melbourne but if I ever visit I'll have to stop by Belle Chase. I must be lucky because it seems there are lingerie sales going on all over here in the U.S. right now. I suspect my best lingerie bargain is yet to come. A "No Pants Day" (no trousers - just knickers) is scheduled for Friday here in the U.S. and hopefully everyone will have found some pretty new knickers. I'm trying to get up the courage to participate and am envious of the courage of the lingerie models pictured posing out in public above.

    1. In Australia we are little behind in the lingerie field so we don't have the variety that US and Europe have available to them. Hence why I wanted to start this blog. Nice to know I have a US fan already though! I am jealous of what goodies you will be able to pick up over there! And no pants day.....intriguing!


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