Nina OH!....(lingerie photoshoot)

Since my lingerie collection is so vast I'm sometimes asked to loan things out for photo shoots. Stores are often hard to pin down or don't offer the style a photographer or stylist is looking for. So that's when they come to me... I have in the past loaned out pieces I have made but it's been nice this time around to raid my personal collection. These are photos that I would love to have anyway, as often these pieces are not photographed any other way than on a "mannequin" model for a catalogue.

35mm Photography approached me to help out on the lingerie side of an upcoming shoot. They needed ivory, plum and black garments that would be used layered under knitwear. We went through items that I had set out on a rack and they went away with a couple bags worth of goodies. I got the photos back last week and was absolutely wrapped with the results!

This talented team used more lingerie than I expected and less layering. Perhaps because the model was gorgeous and the lingerie too beautiful to hide away... So let me present to you their photo shoot for Fashionising.

Nina OH!

La Perla Black Label "Dea" Feather bra

With La Perla 'A Song' High waist Brief

Bacirubati Purple Chantilly lace
Pleasure State 'Queen of Hearts" Waist Cincher
Fredricks of Hollywood bra with my hand made french knicker
Elle Macpherson Boudoir
Elle Macpherson Peek a boo bra

With Yves Saint Laurent Suspender

Hand made Tri bra and french knicker

Photography: 35mm Fashion Photography
Mode: Nina @London MGT
Stylist: Lyndel Yeo
Makeup & Hair: Phoebe Goulding
Lingerie: My Lingerie Addiction

To see all of the photos go to

What do you think of the latest shoot for My Lingerie Addiction?


  1. She's so gorgeous! No matter what lingerie she’d put on, it will surely look perfect on her! These shots make that pretty clear. She looked just as awesome in each and every photograph!

    Ted Juhl


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