La Perla Oriental

LOVE is not strong enough a word to express how I feel about this upcoming range for La Perla. It has restored my faith in this amazing label. For a number of years I ummed and ahhed over most of the collections, not truly needing to buy any of it until this past year or so. The photography from the European Autumn Winter range had me gasping for breath. Yes this is what good lingerie does to me...

These items are unfortunately not going to be available in Australia until the end of the year, as we are a little behind in seasons here. But I eagerly await it's arrival and tempt you with their interpretation of this Oriental theme.

Welcome to La Perla Oriental Suite.


Check out their video here to see more of this stunning range.

I have popped my name down on a wait list for some of these items once they arrive in Australia. Which pieces would you get if money was not an issue?


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