It's not lingeries fault...

Have you ever used one of the following statements?

"I need to get underwear that doesn't show and tucks me in around the middle."
"I need to find a backless bra that will give me good lift to wear with this dress"
"I will just buy a really low plunging bra to wear with this top. My bra will show through and I cant go without one"
"I need a really good strapless bra that will give me a lot of cleavage and the dress will be perfect!"

You have fallen for the fashion trap... Fashion designers are often not concerned with the lingerie issue that may occur if you buy their garment. They think, well, that's your problem.  Let me set you straight. This underwear DOES NOT EXIST. Not until you physically have it on your body. What I mean by that is, you never really know until you try it on and it works for you and that particular outfit. Different body shapes, types and sizes may not work with certain garments that are on the market.
That backless bra may exist, sure, but if you are say a 14E then honestly, no, it isn't going to lift you up by four inches creating great cleavage. You may say "But I hear about these silicone bras that I can wear under a backless dress. I will just buy those." Then you find one, try it and it doesn't give you the lift you want. Or you don't want to spend the money on a good quality one so you opt for the $10 version and it falls off after about an hour. This isn't lingerie's fault.

Don't go out there after you purchase your outfit thinking this miracle garment exists. And certainly don't get angry at the lingerie industry for not yet inventing an all in one seamless, strapless, tucking, boosting bodysuit that is also backless and is sold at Myer for $50. Oh wait...and not to mention really pretty, not beige and extremely comfortable. My tip is, if you buy the dress and go in search of the right underwear, then make sure #1 you have plenty of time to search for the appropriate undergarment and take the dress with you #2 you can exchange the dress, as it may end up hanging in your wardrobe for a very long time.

I will be doing a series of posts on the best solutions for all your outfit issues. From backless dresses to single layer silks. The problems that arise from some of the outfits we buy. This will just be a guide to the options you can try with problematic outfits. It is no guarantee that it will work for you. And remember if you find a garment that works, then its well worth the investment as you will find you wear it with a lot more outfits than you expect. The fashion industry is getting worse when it comes to cuts and fabric choices and they are relying on the lingerie industry to fix their sewing mistakes. So yes you may pay less for the dress now but allow for the cost of the lingerie to go under it...

So please tell me, what are your problematic outfits? What is it that you are in search of?


  1. I think instead of endlessly searching for the right lingere to make my breasts perfect, I may just buy new breasts!!! Lol....


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