im Intrique Edition

What a lovely surprise it was today when I opened up my letter box and found the new im catalogue inside, ready to tempt me. It's like Christmas day getting this in the mail! Being a member of their mailing list means I get sent out their catalogue twice a year when all the new stock is about to arrive. This year it's called Intrique....

Let me give you a sneak peek at what I found inside. Brands from La Perla, Aubade, Lise Charmel, Christies and much much more. As I've mentioned before, this is a designer lingerie store. No cheap tacky items here. High quality, high priced and amazingly beautiful.

Most of these items are up on their website and can be ordered via there or in store in Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and Wellington. For more details go to

La Perla LP Colour

La Perla Belle De Jour

La Perla La Dolce Syl

La Perla Lolita's Swing

Argentovivo Bouquet

Argentovivo Bouquet
Argentovivo Pizzo Plisse
Christies Kate

Christies Beauty
Naory Fascino
Naory Festival
Aubade Instants Coquins
Aubade Memoire Des Sens
Lise Charmel Sublime Elegance
Lise Charmel Dolce Desir
Eprise Love Effusion

Eprise Personal Beauty
Styles available in a variety of sizes ranging from A to G cup, 8-22 depending on the brand. I am going to pop in as soon as I get a chance and see what they have to show me. It hasn't been that long since my last purchase there but the catalogue is just way too tempting...

Does this Intrigue you?? Do you like getting catalogues in the mail?


  1. Great designs! My wife is obsessed with lingerie and it's just very recent that I realized it's a good thing to have a wife that loves good stuff. I'm buying her lingerie for her birthday and this post gave me ideas. Maybe you could give me some advice, too, to pick the best set for her. She's not as thin as these models here, but I know there could be a pair that she would look absolutely amazing in, right? Cheers!

    Ted Juhl

    1. Well aren't you a lucky man having a wife who is obsessed with lingerie! I'm sue many men are jealous of you! Well if she already has a good collection then you have to look outside the square. Be it a higher end brand or a more unusual styling. But it all depends on her size, taste, and your budget. What did you have in mind?


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