Lingerie and Walt Disney!

Yes you heard me correctly...Disney! I have two reasons for this post.
Number ONE,

I attended a costume party last weekend which gave the rather hard theme of WHATEVER fancy dress you wanted! So seriously, what do you wear to one of those? Should I go as Catwoman? A sexy Pirate? A burlesque dancer? There were too many options! After going through idea after idea, I settled on the one thing that suited me most right then, Snow White. I had recently cut my dark hair shorter and had the pale white skin after being ill for a few weeks, so all I needed was to pop on some bright red lipstick, find a cheap ebay costume and I was done!

I went online and purchased a Sexy snow white costume for $40 including postage and awaited it's arrival... I tried it on and was shocked that the sizing ran ridiculously small for this set and I had no time left to exchange it! Measurements on the site told me I may not even fit into the Small size, but my god, I definitely needed a medium. Crap... What do you do with a corset that doesn't even do up?? I had to make do. So off I went to Lincraft and purchased 3 bra extenders and luckily for me, it worked! I had an outfit! The costume fortunately had a cape that could cover the dodgy fix up job in the back.

Disney story number TWO,

I went back to the Bendon outlet when I received word that they were having yet another sale. All bras $20 all bottoms $10. A lot of stock goes off the shelves for these two week but sometimes you find absolute gold. This time for me was a mixed reaction. Yes they had included Pleasure State Couture in the sale, however I either had them already or they were kind of f*ugly... However this has never stopped me before! I dove into the racks and picked out two outfits that I certainly didn't love but knew I would wear... at some point... even if only once!

One of these outfits I call my Minnie Mouse set. It has a red fabric base with rather large white polka dots scattered on the fabric. The bra is cut like a quarter cup, where it sits under the nipple line, but then the underlay had a lovely soft black leavers lace to cover up whats exposed. It features ribbon tie sides on the bra and the knickers. As I tried to tell my friend, when she exclaimed "Eww....!" to the set, that I had nothing like it. She asked if that was necessarily a reason to buy it... And yes of course it is! You never know when you want a Disneyesque lingerie set to wear! I mean seriously!

I wore it the next day and was pleasantly surprised that the set looked a lot better on than off . It was extremely comfortable though ran a little big in it's back sizing and was already doing it up on the tightest hook. The look was cute yet sexy without it being super girlie. I changed my opinion and decided I actually like this set now as opposed to my "I will wear it one day" mind set. What do you think? They still have quite a few pieces left in this collection if anyone is interested, head to your nearest Bendon Outlet.

 $40 for 3 pieces valued at around $335 for the set. How could I say no?? Have you ever purchased lingerie you never really liked just because it was on sale?


  1. $335 is worth spending if it will be used in purchasing a cute lingerie like this! I’m pretty sure that this lingerie not only satisfies your yearning for Walt Disney design, but the fabric material also made you comfortable. Wearing this can make you feel so sexy, cool and fashionable.


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