Winter (street) style Lingerie shoot


I took a trip to the country with a friend the other week to just relax and go for a walk. I thought it would be nice to take some lingerie with me and do another little shoot. I packed up ten outfits into a bag, grabbed my camera and walked out the door. An hour later we arrived at our destination, went to grab my lingerie stash and realised I had left it at home! Great.... now what to do? Well I guess, realistically, I came to go for a walk, so walk I did. After about ten minutes and about ten great locations to shoot some stuff, it was suggested to me to just shoot what I was wearing. Hmmm that was an idea. I of course had on nice lingerie. Two layers of it in fact.

I had the above Elle Macpherson Obsidian chemise on over another set. So I thought why not?? I subtly got myself out of the chemise without taking off my dress. Placed it in a couple locations and shot away! After doing that I thought, hmmm, I have a nice bra on too! Maybe I should use that while I'm here! So again I slipped that off and took some more shots. Didn't turn out as well though. I purchased all these items from the Bendon Outlet store for only $20 a piece. Pretty amazing for such high priced items.

Pleasure State Couture

Four Leaf Clover

I jokingly said "Let's see if we can find a four leaf clover!" when I came across a huge patch of them. And within one minute... I found one! Oh yeah! Lucky day right?? Well not really cause I forgot my lingerie to shoot and could only get a few photos to use on the blog. Oh well.

On my next free day I went for a walk in my area and captured the following...

Hand made triangle bra


Triumph from Japan! The designs were nice over there!
I am in the process of organising a proper photo shoot with a model, that will capture a Winter in Melbourne. Let's hope this is the first of many proper stylised photo shoots for MyLingerieAddiction.

What would you like to see being used in the upcoming shoot?


  1. I.Want.That.Pleasure.State.Bra.

    1. It's still on sale at Bendon outlets though I think only 50% discount now. Want me to see if they have your size and how much?


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