My most expensive lingerie....

What a busy week it has been. I was involved in three photo shoots of different sorts, all within seven days. One for the blog, one for a photographer, stripping down to nothing for the sake of art and the other a loan out of My Lingerie Addictions stock. I love seeing lingerie used by different photographers and the different looks they can achieve. I will feature the shots gradually over the next couple months.

Today it's all about the most expensive lingerie item I currently own. I'm often asked how much I have spent on lingerie over the years....and I dare not think about it... All I know is I could have a deposit for a house in Toorak, but alas I don't. I live in a little one bedroom apartment surrounded by my ever growing lingerie collection. And I'm ok with that. Everyone has their own priorities right?

When I popped this corset onto my model last week I let her know that it would probably be the most expensive lingerie she'd ever worn. At $1000 for the two pieces, it was my most expensive set. When I mentioned the cost it actually didn't sound that pricey to me. How wrong is that?? But I am surrounded by lingerie of all different price points and I think of them all very differently. This one I treat like art work. I've only worn it once but she sits on a metal mannequin in my lounge room and is a talking piece, just like a painting would be.

This spectacular corset is by La Perla Black Label and is made of silk and boned into a hip bustle scattered with feathers. The print is exclusive for this series and features a 19th century style erotic print. Black Label was the most raunchy range by La Perla. It was exclusive, limited, sexy, unusual and very very pricey. But over the years I have gathered quite a few Black Label pieces and to be honest have never seen anything like them anywhere (unless a dodgy label does a cheap rip off of them.) The Stampa print pieces were done every release with a different theme behind the erotic print. Be it Karma Sutra style or pin up girls they always used erotica as their base.

Unfortunately Black Label has been cut by La Perla as they try to stream line the labels more. The stampa print hasn't been seen since.... I think this is probably one of my all time favourite pieces. Its not practical, I don't wear it, but it is art. And that is what lingerie is for me.

Photography by Natalie Rowe Photography
Model: Meg Goodes, Hair: Madeline Leon, Makeup: Candy.

What is the most you have ever spent on lingerie?


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