Go for Gold!

La Perla Black Label Metal Dragon Bra

Since we Aussies have already won our first Gold medal at the London Olympics I thought I would turn it into a blog post. You know how it goes. Anything is related to lingerie... I actually had someone contact me the other day wanting to track down some Gold or Silver lingerie. She danced (ballroom) and wanted something she could wear under her dresses for competition and wanted something a little glitzy. She didn't think they existed, but I showed her the way.

Metallics have never been popular in the lingerie scene. You normally see this style amongst, well, the trashy lingerie set. Shiny lycra style dresses they like to call lingerie. However I have known a few labels to do metallics very well. Including Ritratti, an Italian label that oozes class all the way and somehow was able to incorporate a stunning metallic microfiber with embroidered tulle, all in gold.


If using an appropriate gold colour and fabric, this can be used as a nude effect bra. Something that is so much prettier than beige but blends in with skin colour just as well. I'm waiting for more brands to use the right tone gold and then perhaps I will own a a basic colour bra. Come on designers, a lovely rose gold instead of beige please.

Below are a few labels using gold in all different ways to show you how you can bring this winning colour into your lingerie wardrobe. Go for gold!

Marlies Dekkers

Verde Veronica

Lise Charmel

ID Sarrieri

La Perla
I thought I would struggle to find something gold amongst my own collection and was considering clicking purchase on an online find, until I looked through my drawers and found these... Only a dash of gold I know, but now I am in search of the perfect full metallic gold lingerie set. I will let you know how I go in my search.

Pleasure State White Label
Do you think gold is a winning colour when it comes to lingerie? Do you own any?


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