The piano


I took a trip down memory lane when I went to visit the parentals the other day. I read my old diaries, went through boxes of clothing and sat in my old work room surrounded by fabrics, ribbons and lace. It was a little overwhelming being back there and remembering the life I used to lead. Designing full time with no space for anything else in my life. I gave up relationships, sleep, and my beloved piano time for my business. This is no longer how I live....

I still miss the piano I'd played since I was seven but I live in a one bedroom apartment now and just don't have the space for my 80 year old upright to fit anywhere. I have an electric but it just isn't the same as the sound of ivory and wood. After training in classical piano for many years and playing at night to unwind I think it's the next thing I need to work on getting back into my life permanently.

So this is going to be a rather unusual post for My Lingerie Addiction, but I realise I can make a lingerie post using just about anything as my subject! So after I sat down and played for a while I decided to take some shots as I liked the combination of my piano and lingerie. I remembered saving quite a few photos from the web with a lingerie clad model sitting at a baby grand.....yes there are actually a few out there. I think it's not only me that finds music sexy. And playing a musical instrument like the piano can be quite a beautiful, sensual thing.

So here are my two loves for you, lingerie... and the piano.

Even though I'm against mismatched lingerie I loved the photo.

What is a random subject you would like to see turned into a lingerie blog post?


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