Behind the scenes: Lingerie Photoshoot

Sorry I have been MIA for a while, but I got caught up in the world of lingerie again. I have been busy preparing to do my first My Lingerie Addiction photo shoot using my collection and an actual model. I wanted these garments to reach their full potential and be seen on a body, not just sitting flat or hanging off a tree... Though I do have fun with those shoots too.

I thought I would take you behind the scenes of our little escapade since I'm pretty sure not many of you have ever been on a lingerie photo shoot before. I wanted this to be based around, well, a young me. I was never rich, but I knew how to buy good lingerie, even from a young age. I was slight and didn't have much of a bust but I knew how to dress it. I would skimp in a lot of departments just to own some La Perla. So maybe my clothes were from the op shop and my house was wherever I could afford, but I was happy with my world revolving around my ever growing lingerie collection. And to be honest, I still am.

I found my location first. A most amazing place I like to call "The party shed" It is actually attached to the property I live in however no one knows about it but me! Until now... Years ago it was set up for a party and after that nothing was moved. Old couches, boxes, tables, bottles, t.vs you name it, it's in there. I thought this would be an amazing contrast to the delicateness of lingerie. I am a clutter bug myself, so the look of this place was an exaggerated version of my own house!

Natalie Rowe

Next step, find some talent. I called on Photographer Natalie Rowe who I have worked with before and we discussed a dark and messy style lingerie shoot. I found a stunning model, Meg Goodes. A talented Hairstylist, Madeline Leon and a gorgeous makeup artist, George G aka Candy. I had the lingerie and accessories, they had their own specialised talents. Together we created this shoot. So here's a sneak peek at why I've been away from here this past week.


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