Simply the best...Undressed!

I was very excited when I received notification last week that 'im' were going on sale. It's my favourite store in Melbourne, even though I can only occasionally afford to purchase things from here. It is true lingerie heaven... They carry brands like La Perla, Aubade , Lise Charmel, Christies, Ritratti etc. All the best quality, high end designs made in Europe.

im GPO store

This is a designer store. Think going shopping at Chanel or Prada (without the $3000 tag that is). You don't go in and look shocked at the price of a handbag you see there. You know it to be high end and amazing quality, you want it, and will perhaps save up for it or just admire it from a distance. And with lingerie, they have these levels too. This is that store. Prices range from $200-$600 a set depending on the brand and fabrics used. And I have to admit, I would prefer to splurge on a European label rather than a made in China product at around the same price. This is what is happening to so called 'Australian' labels at the moment.

Now the exciting thing is they are now on sale!!! On the racks you will find items that are 30-50% off the marked price. Don't get distraught when you can't find your size or a style you like, as they only hang a very small selection of stock on the racks. They aren't your usual go in and just browse type stores. It's not like, say Myer, where every series in every size is out hanging. In this store everything is set away in boxes and drawers, all by brand, style and size. The stock displayed is minimal and staff will try talk to you, but it's only to help you find what you like. So feel free to ask for what you want to see and they will find you items in your size. Or just say you want to browse and they will let you be. It's good to go in with an idea of what you want, ie you only wear push up bras, tell them that and they will grab out a whole box of all different colours in your size in a push up cut. It's like diving into a candy box! What I love is the staff are all fully trained in fittings and are more than happy to do this for you, no appointment necessary.  But then I expect that from a high end store.

Ok so now onto what I purchased...

La Perla Marvel. A discontinued line by the label. It is a little like Black Label in the unusual and sexy styling they do. And I purchased this set at 50% off retail! It is ridiculously comfortable (I wore it straight away) and gives a nice natural shape, almost like a t-shirt bra. It isn't about the extreme push up but a natural cupping of the bust while still giving just a little lift with no extra padding. Comfortable to wear, and still sexy. I could only afford to purchase one bottom this time, though there are two other styles in store with my name on them!

I loved the tattoo effect of this set. Skin coloured net with a red thread embroidered like flames over the cup. The g-short I think is so different in style.

For a label with an attractive price point, have a look at Bacirubati. The style is young, girly and cheeky. Made in Italy and currently all stock half price. There are a few pieces I'm eyeing off. I already have a couple of items from this label and will feature them in another post.

Here are some of the series they currently have on sale

at 50% off

Nina Ricci
OcchiVerdi by La Perla

Then they have previous collections from all labels at 30% off. Here are some of the series I saw there.


Lise Charmel
La Perla Black Label
im's catch phrase is "Simply the best... Undressed' and I think this is certainly the case with the lingerie available here. I will give a more detailed post about this company at a later date, but for now it's all about the sale!

They have stores in Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and Wellington NZ. For more details see the link below.

Have you been into one of the im stores before? What is your favourite lingerie store and why?


  1. OMG I love this store!!! I had no idea they were on sale! I can never afford to buy things here but maybe now I can. Thanks for the heads up.


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