Do you wear Lingerie or Underwear?

La Perla 'Venus'

What is lingerie to you? Is it something you wear to create more cleavage? To not show your nipples through an outfit? To cover your behind under a skirt? Is this all you consider when you purchase lingerie? And do you even call it lingerie or is it just underwear? Do you find the two things complete separates? Is it something you feel you have to wear but have no joy in?

Because if so... I need you to read this blog.


Lingerie is about beauty and femininity. It's something that we women can indulge in that is also a necessity. It can be fun as well as being completely practical and I think this is something we should consider a lot more than what we do.

Lingerie doesn't have to be either basic or bedroom. It shouldn't be all about smooth line t-shirt bras and cotton bottoms. I can understand that, only if you wear fitted white t-shirts, day in day out. But most women out there simply don't. So why wear bras that are specifically designed for this, every single day, when you don't actually wear t-shirts?


If we are spending hundreds of dollars on purchasing a beautiful silk designer dress, then why would we dishonour it by wearing a cheap fabric underneath? I see so many women spending a small fortune  and a lot of research on their wardrobes and outer beauty and wearing the plainest of cheap lingerie under. No you don't get to show it off like the designer bag you desperately want to carry, but is it really all about showing other people? Shouldn't it be about you and how you feel? I'm not just talking about it emotionally making you feel better and boosting your self confidence by wearing something beautiful that makes you feel sexy. What I mean is that it should make you "feel good" as in comfortable as well. It is the item you wear closest to your body and is important to your overall look, so it really should be the best quality item that you buy. You wear your bra much more than you do any dress in your wardrobe, so why would you skimp in this department? Why would you spend any less than you would a dress?

I understand that not everyone can afford to splurge on beautiful lingerie, but I want to show you how to buy better quality, longer lasting, more comfortable garments. How to care for them, alter them, store them, in order to make the most out of what you have spent. This blog isn't just about unusual designer pieces. Yes they are what I love most, but they aren't what I wear on a daily basis. I just want you to see lingerie the way I do. And what I think is that...

Lingerie should be...

# Treated like fashion.
# It should be treated like a beauty product.
# Like a glass of wine after a bad day.

What I mean by that is,

# Lingerie is there to make your outfit look better.
# Make you look younger and perkier!
# To help you feel better about yourself.

It isn't just a thing you have to wear to cover your 'headlights' or please your man. There is so much more to it and what I'm trying to put across is, lingerie is all about YOU and your own personal style. What works best for your shape and overall taste.

We don't have the huge variety that Europe or America have available to them and the aim of this blog is to present to you styles, colours, brands, shapes that perhaps you may not have seen, hence never considered before.

Sometimes it takes time to submit to that new season colour, and once you've seen it being worn well on a few people, you start to think you might like it. You kind of want it. Actually you have to have it! Lingerie however is a little different, as we don't get to see this on people, except perhaps a couple pictures in a magazine. And seeing lingerie on an under weight model in sky high heels making an attempted sexy pout, isn't exactly appealing. Nor is the other version, with silicone breasts squashed into a bra two cup sizes too small and a load of airbrushing. This is all we are usually exposed to when it comes to lingerie in media. I can go on about this subject for hours. But I will do that in another post...

That is a condensed version of my rant and be prepared for more of them to come. Maybe I will make it a monthly thing! Take from it what you will and hopefully you will be open to the idea of embracing your own little lingerie addiction xx

My La Perla Venus set. See first Picture.

What do you think of when you hear the word lingerie? Do you see it as being different to underwear?


  1. To me lingerie is a joy to wear and to be seen in, not only because of its beauty and femininity, but also because of how it feels. There is plain underwear and then there is underwear that qualifies as gorgeous lingerie. I love the full briefs by Ritiatti. I agree wholeheartedly that lingerie makes me feel sexy whilst at the same time giving me the comfort and luxurious feel and feeling that I love so much. Yes, I do wear lingerie and I love it!

  2. I have to admit I wear underwear not lingerie. I am one who wears t-shirt bras everyday because I don't have to think about the shape under anything I wear. Though now seeing so many beautiful styles I am tempted to purchase some more fun pieces. The pictures you use are beautiful and I agree that media just doesn't show me lingerie that tempts me in any way. I am going to go bra shopping this weekend now. Thanks!

  3. There is nothing wrong with wearing T-shirt bras but I'm glad the post inspired you to look into other options! Cause honestly there is so much out there that can offer both the support and smoothline while still being extremely pretty. It's a matter of finding something that you will wear a lot. Good luck in your search! Let me know how you go.

  4. I think that "Ladies Lingerie" is some of the Nicest Things ANYONE Can (AND SHOULD) Enjoy Wearing!!! I'm a 67 yr. old male who's "Loved Ladies Lingerie" since puberty and I've ALWAYS been jealous of All Those Silky-Soft Items of Women's Underwear THAT MALES HAVE "ALWAYS" BEEN DENIED TO WEAR!! Several years ago, I decided that I wasn't going to "wait for 'Permission' to Begin Enjoying Wearing Women's Nylon Briefs & Panties. And today I'm wearing a Shadowline Nightgown, Lorraine White Nylon 'Classic' Briefs, a Nearly Me Bra, a Girdle Garter Belt with Stockings. I enjoy expressing my "Feminine Side", even though it's only while I'm at home, but I REALLY ENJOY FINDING ALL THE DIFFERENT WEBSITES ABOUT "LADIES LINGERIE", written by women- which I Prefer. (or men)


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