Green with Envy

La Perla Mezzanotte

I have a new addition to my lingerie family. Her name is La Perla 'Mezzanotte' and I adore her. She is made of the most beautiful chantilly lace and pure silk. This is one of those items I talked about in a previous post. Regretting missing out on purchasing this absolutely amazing set. I had seen it first on the La Perla website in 2011. I waited until it arrived in Australia to try it on, but alas it had already sold out before the stock even hit the stores. People were pre paying for this collection. This is what happens to La Perla in Australia... I should already know that after missing out on quite a few 'must have' pieces from this iconic label but I just didn't feel I could risk it without trying it on. It was a lot of money to spend...

Once I realised I couldn't have it, I really wanted it! You know how it is... I searched high and low for this item in stores and from websites from all around the world. It was sold out everywhere in my size and the colour I wanted... green. I didn't have this tone in my collection and had been searching for something in a rich emerald colour for years.

Lucky for me... I just received this set as a gift (swoon) and I have to tell you... I'm completely in love! This set was randomly found at the La Perla store on Rodeo Drive in L.A. It had sold out everywhere, they said, but luckily for me it was hanging lonely in the store and on sale in my size! The shop assistant didn't even know how they came by it, "Must've been an exchange".

Green isn't exactly a colour a lot of people associate with lingerie but I think it's beautiful and can be worn on all skin tones. There are so many shades of green and they are hardly used in the lingerie industry. It has never been a favourite for most people but as a child, deep green was my absolute favourite colour.

Have a look through these photos and I'm sure you will agree that greens can look stunning when it comes to lingerie.

Dark Greens

Marie Jo



La Senza

La Perla Smoking

Green in general denotes fertility, peace and life. It promotes tranquility and self respect in the wearer and those viewing it.  And did you know that green is the colour of a healthy relationship? I didn't, until now! But strangely enough it is also the colour of jealousy. Terms being used such as the green eyed monster or green with envy. I know that's how I felt... when I couldn't find my green lingerie set! But now that I have it, I feel at peace. So they are right!

Light Greens

Fleur of England

Green Lingerie


Simone Perele

Lise Charmel
Ms Couture

With such a variety of hues available in green, do you own any of them?


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