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I hate to admit this, and especially on the blog... but I have fallen into bra size denial. I have been a 10C for many years now, however I do fluctuate from time to time. With only a small weight change I can be anywhere from a B to a D cup and at different times of the month I fill up nearly a full cup size. So I've gone along saying "I'm a C cup. Been a C cup for years. I know my size." When I found myself spilling out of the cup slightly, then it was the normal thing women say, "It's just that time of the month. In a week they will be back to normal" or my ever faithful, "It's just my winter weight". However I realise that its only winter now and my winter weight has been carried over since last year.... As I do have an array of sizes in my lingerie collection I could get away with this denial. I found myself gravitating towards my fuller style bras. The sizes I bought a few years ago. The non padded versions.

I got to a point when I still purchased 10Cs even though they didn't fit quite right. I bought them thinking, next week they will sit better. Maybe the brand is just  a smaller cut. Bra sizes vary in different brands yes, and sometimes they are the correct size, however my old bras just weren't fitting me right..... That was to do with me, not the brand. I had to admit defeat and realise I had actually changed sizes.

Now to look at me you wouldn't think I was a D cup. I am not full, but I sit low and wide and this, as much as fullness, is what determines your size. So I don't have what you would call a D cup cleavage and no man would ever have a conversation with my chest, but this is my current cup size. It still hurts me to say it has has changed. Not because I don't like being fuller but to realise that I can no longer wear some of my beautiful bras anymore. To admit that I fell for the "But I have always been this size" saying most women use.
My bras just didn't fit the way they should, but will I go down in size again? Will I always be this size? Will I have to get rid of my 10Cs for good? Hell no! I have learnt to hold onto all my bras no matter what size I become, as long as they are in good condition. In the past I have gotten rid of dozens of bras due to weight loss and weight gain and wish I had kept them all now. You may not notice it to look at, but bra size can change with just a small weight shift and for me it's only a few kilos to go up a full cup size.

Elle Macpherson

$20 a piece at Bendon Outlet

I went out the other week and instead of just grabbing 10Cs to try on I grabbed both so I could prove to myself what size I actually was. I tried on three brands and a few different shapes. I was a D in all. The Cs weren't too bad but once I popped on the D I had to acknowledge the truth. I have been wearing the wrong bra size for at least six months now.... I hang my head in shame....

I purchased four bra sets in my now correct size (or cup equivalent see Altering lingerie/cup equivalent post )And Im sure I will be popping these into my normal rotational cycle. I will hold onto all my other bras, as knowing my weight fluctuations, I will change size again. They will just sit in a different drawer now so I don't put on the wrong size again.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney

So let me ask you, when was your last bra fitting? Do you go in regularly to get professionally fitted? Have you ever been professionally fitted before?


  1. I think I too have fallen for this. Thinking Im the same size as I was 3 years ago. I hate to admit Ive put on a little weight and I notice my bras aren't fitting how they used to. I think I too need to go up a size........or two...... But I hate going for a fitting. Just like going to the dentist! But I may reconsider.

    1. I think it's well worth the effort of getting a fitting so you learn what shapes work best also. Sometimes it's not even changing size but wearing a shape that works better. Go to a smaller boutique for a fitting I say. Much better more relaxed service. Hopefully it's more fun than going to the dentist! That reminds me... make dentist appointment...

  2. This is brilliant! And exactly what I needed to read.
    A lady I follow on Pinterest pinned a link connecting to a 'correct bra fitting' site. I did the measurements and discovered I'm also actually a D cup!!! I'm in shock! All of my 3 sisters & my Mum are quite buxom and I spent my teenage years wishing bigger things for my B cup. I was a gymnast so was quite small chested, as that usually comes with the sport. But I too was in bra denial about the right size. I had the same misgivings you had. I couldn't be bigger than a C? I look much too small & I've always had teeny boobs. What gives?
    So I went looking for 'average d cup' images on the net to compare and came across this wonderful post. Now I know I really must go out tomorrow and get the proper fitting bras. I'm even going to go in to a lingerie store to get fitted, measured and advised on the best size and shape for me.
    Thanks so much for helping me with my own bra denial. Because of this post it's quite short lived. I really appreciate you sharing and giving advice.

    Aoife x


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