Diamond Jubilee

I don't watch much television these days so I didn't get to see all the hype around the Queens Diamond Jubilee. To be honest I missed out on all of it completely! Everyone was talking about it. What they wore, who performed and attended... And to be honest, I really didn't care. All I could hear was the word Diamond... Now I'm not a jewelry girl at all but I have to admit, I don't mind a bit of bling on my lingerie!

Have you ever thought of adding a bit of razzle dazzle to a lingerie set before? It doesn't have to be all out Burlesque style glitz and glamour. Sometimes just a sprinkling of crystals over a delicate lace can make the set really pop. It's great to wear under a semi sheer outfit for just a hint of bling bling.

I'm sure most of you have heard about the Victoria's secret Diamond Bra. This 'Fantasy' bra is made to promote the label but wont exactly be purchased by anybody. I think a lot of people first thought this item was a fake. "It's not real diamonds. It must be just some faux crystal and can be purchased for like $200 from Victorias Secret". I nearly burst out laughing when I was asked by a client to track down for him a diamond bra for his fiancee as a honeymoon gift. "Cost is not an issue" he stated. I obviously knew that he would NOT fork over 1.5 million dollars to purchase an actual diamond bra. So I steered him to the next best thing. A swarovski crystal designer bra. At just over $1000 I thought it was a good deal for someone who stated cost wasn't an issue. Pppppffffftttttt... He stood there mouth open in complete shock. What the heck did he expect?? He said he thought it would be about $400 max.

Remember the different level of crystal used, the difference in price. So if the garment has used Swarovski then it will be more expensive. Let me introduce you to the different levels of 'Bling' lingerie available out there.

Victoria's Secret

First we have Victorias Secrets famous Diamond bra. They release one a year. It is enough to create publicity worldwide with the frivolousness of the garment. Do you want to know who has bought it in the past?? Well actually, no one so far as has been reported. With a price tag ranging from 1 to a whopping 15 million, its no wonder.

Christies 'Diamonds' collection

Then we have your Swarovski crystal designer users. Still expensive but with a beautiful sparkle to them. Italian label Christies release a jeweled collection every year. From a simple jewel feature on a basic black bra to all over bling. The quality is amazing with these pieces. You pay the price but you don't lose your jewels over time. They are garments that are made to be seen.


ID Sarrieri

ID Sarrieri is a stunning Romanian label often combining the most delicate of laces, chantilly, with swarovski crystals. The combination I think is such a gorgeous blend. The delicate feather like lace work with dash of bling. This designer label is known all over the world for their feminine designs. Limited stock is available in Australia but worth the hunt to see these in person.


Pleasure State

Pleasure State like to use their trademark Swarovski clasp on a lot of their pieces. Seeing this poke out under a top is a sure sign she is wearing this Australian label. Often the Couture collections will use a scattering of crystals over the fabric of a garment taking the price point up another level. 

Just be wary of your cheaper options especially those using poor quality crystals, glue and findings. Some of the designs don't look too bad however the crystals wont last too long. So if you are ok with losing one two or ten of them through normal wear, or only plan on wearing it once, then these are for you. Make sure you hand wash these garments always in cold water and never use a dryer as heat will ruin the adhesive holding the crystals in place.

Here are a selection of Jewel detailed lingerie. From the ridiculously expensive to the cheap and perhaps a little tacky. But it's all about the bling bling baby!

Diamond Pasties




Hand made pieces for a photo shoot by Vicki Kostovski

It took hours to thread this fringing with Swarovski Crystals

Do you own any bling bling lingerie? Do you wear this as everyday wear or only for special occasions?


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