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Pleasure State is probably one of the most popular Australian lingerie brands. Started in 2004 under the watchful care of designer Kay Cohen. Kay had been working and designing for brands such as Triumph, Elle Macpherson and Berlei. She joined the Bendon group in 1997 as Creative Director and reshaped the Elle Macpherson Intimates label to what it is today. She moved over to Berlei in 2003 and only after 6 months left the company, disillusioned at having to again try put new blood into old labels. So in 2004 she started up Pleasure State with business partner/investor Justin Davis-Rice, knowing there was a market out there. Australia needed a brand that could fuse fashion, fit and function all into one lingerie label.

The launch in 2004 used high end European fabrics - Leavers lace, swarovski crystals, and silks. The look went along the lines of the now Pleasure State Couture brand. Even before being launched, the label was a success. Having already committed to sales in David Jones and Harrods. By 2005 Pleasure State was being stocked in over 300 stores worldwide including Victoria's Secret in the US.  This is an amazing achievement for an Australian label only one year old. Then in 2010 she merged the label back into her old company Bendon, where her business partner had been CEO for the past year, and then relinquished her interest in Pleasure State...... Interesting...... But we hear on the grapevine, that this year, she will be launching another new label. I wait with baited breath...

I don't enjoy hearing the business side of fashion labels sometimes, as it makes me a little disillusioned by the industry. Honestly though, as a label I think Pleasure State has finally started a lingerie style in Australia -  creating an easy first step into the world of beautiful lingerie. It's given us a taste of something a little different, with lingerie no longer limited to either basic or bedroom wear, and is easily attainable in stores. Pleasure State provides a boutique look without the boutique environment. I am not a huge fan of the label nowadays but I can often be caught wearing some of their trademark pieces. I am a sucker for lingerie. What can I say.......

Pleasure State has 3 distinct labels:


'Couture' is the more stylised, opulent look. The label is a little more out there while still using the classic shapes. Sometimes the designs have a combination of far too many elements creating a very busy look. Not quite to my liking, however it makes for some interesting designs, and you won't see any other lingerie label in Australia doing this. The price point of 'Couture' is the highest of the Pleasure State labels.

White Label

'White Label' sits at a lower price point, using the same shapes, but the line is often a little smoother when compared to pieces featured in 'Couture'. The label is not as detailed in the design and offers an overall simpler style, but still offers an array of interesting options to suit many tastes.


'VIP' caters to a fuller cup. Starting at a DD and going up to size G, this label is catering for the ever growing bust line of Australian women - even starting at a size 8 now in some designs, but only going up to a size 16.  I however, do not have a full bust, so can't talk too much about the 'VIP' range as I don't own any pieces. I've had some mixed reviews from people on the overall fit of the garments, so I'd love to hear from you about your experience with 'VIP'.

In addition to these, Pleasure State offers basics via their 'My Fit' range. Smooth line everyday wear, still in pretty colours. Again I don't wear basics so I don't have much to say about it!

Here are a few Pleasure State collections from over the years:

Pleasure State White Label

Pleasure State continues to capture Australians' attention with their innovative designs and multitude of ranges. What do you think of Pleasure State?


  1. I only own one Pleasure State set and I love it. White Label, the fit is good, quality has been excellent (it's about 4 years old now and still in great condition) and the fabric used is beautiful. I don't know what they have been like more recently, but I should have bought more while I had the chance in OZ.

    1. I own quite a few Pleasure State sets and I too find them extremely comfortable and they have held up very well over the years. The moulded cup bras are my favourite. Where abouts do you live? There are a lot of online stores where you can purchase. I have found the sizing hasn't changed over the years. So whatever you bought previously should still work now.

  2. So glad I found your blog, we have just taken on the Pleasure state Brand, VIP & white label - it's always risky when you take on new designers. But so far we are very pleased! Have you seen the AW12 collection, I can send you images if you like.
    Sue x
    Red Box Lingerie

    1. I think the price point for Pleasure State White Label and VIP are great. Couture can be a little high for what it is but sill pretty amazing a lot of the time. I've had a look at your site and you have some of my favourite brands! Always a good sign for me. La Perla, Lise Charmel Marlies Dekkers, Pleasure State I think it's a great mix of labels. Well done. Feel free to send any info, photos through to always happy to talk to other lingerie enthusiasts. x


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