How to wear your corset as outerwear.

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Some of the pieces I own are just too beautiful to wear as just an undergarment. Handcrafted lace work, silk embroidery, feathers... How can you not show off these details? This is where underwear can, and should,  become outerwear. This post will show you how to convert your corsets into fashion pieces without making them or you look out of place.

The following images are NOT what I'm talking about when I mention corsets as outerwear.



Not that I don't love a classic black corset or that I don't ADORE Jean Paul Gaultier's work (I would almost give up an arm to own one of his lingerie pieces) It's just that this is not the image I see when I picture corsets as outerwear. I'm thinking of a more subtle, classy style.       

# Tips on how to wear your Corsets and Bustiers

You can turn your corset into the main feature piece of your outfit. Under-dress the rest of your attire as the undergarment itself will create the attention. Make sure that it's covered or at least the bust section is. If so, you can also call your corset a top and treat it as such.
High-waisted Pant: Dressy

If you don't want to stand out too much, then team it with a pair of high waisted pants to make your corset not look like a separate. Turn it into a jumpsuit instead.

High-waisted pant: Casual
If you don't feel comfortable exposing your shoulders or arms, pop on a cute cardigan for a really girlie look. It also makes the outfit just a little more day friendly

Man style suit

A corset looks spectacular under a man style suit or jacket, adding a feminine touch to an androgynous look. Super hot.

High-waisted pencil skirt

Team it with a high waisted pencil skirt in the same colour for the look of a dress or go for a contrast to make it really pop.

Full skirt
 Or go for the full circle skirt option for an ultra glamorous look. Making a classic style look extremely sexy. This can look amazing with a shorter style bustier also. Having just a hint of skin showing through the middle.

Mini skirt
Be careful when teaming a corset up with a mini skirt. You don't want to end up looking like a 1980's street walker. The lingerie itself speaks loud enough, so its better to cover it up or casual it down a little. Colours and patterns work best when going for a shorter style skirt.

Mini skirt Casual

Corsets look great with little shorts creating a cheeky, modern and fun look.

Bustier over T-shirt
Corsets work well over looser style tops including t-shirts. I like to team mine with a billowy silk chiffon blouse with long sleeves. It nips in the waist and creates a more feminine form.

Corset over a dress

Shorter style bustiers can also be worn over the top of a dress or teamed up with a high waisted pant, skirt or short, showing off just a dash of skin.

Bustier with high-waisted pant

 Just be careful when you sit down so you don't get that pinched skin coming through the midriff of your outfit.

$10 yellow bustier with $5 yellow pencil skirt
I haven't actually worn the above as an outfit yet but I will now! Putting together this blog post made me come up with quite a few other ideas for how I can wear my corsets out more. But more of that later.....

Bonus tip:

If you're afraid your bust is going to pop out of your corset then place some double sided tape to the inside top part of the cup and push down onto your skin. It works wonders to stop exposing too much on a night out.

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Do you wear your corsets as outerwear? And if not, did this open you up to the idea of doing so?


  1. Great ideas! I'm going to try the bustier over t-shirt this weekend. I love that they don't look too blatant like I normally see in the clubs here in TN. I want to casual down my lingerie collection and wear it out a little more. Teisha x

  2. A corset with a mini skirt can look adorable when done correctly! :)

  3. Wooow! These tips are awesomely inspiring for all women fashion lovers looking to wear corsets in a proper manner.Corsets are a lovely piece of outerwear so they should be worn in a proper way so that you look cool and elegant.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Love this! And, its a look that never gets old!!!!

  5. Thanks for the tips! I found this post when I was nervously trying to decide if I could pull off a corset as outerwear, and the ideas here really helped me to go for it! I wore my gorgeous black brocade corset under a red blazer with jeans out to a bar, and I got tons of compliments! Now, off to buy more corsets, lol!

  6. The only corset on this entire page is in the picture of the "goth". I'm disappointed.

    1. I know "corset" is a broad term to use for this post. But number one: it's hard to find good imagery of traditional corsets as outerwear. Two: I'm not only talking about traditional corsets here. It may be a soft corset, a bustier, etc. we are talking "modern" corsetry here but the rules still apply

  7. i am thinking of starting to wear them. I saw them on bidding website and couldn't resist! They are so beautiful and feminine, and lacy! I would really wanna wear them but i dont know how to not look slutty wearing it. this is a very useful article! Thanks so much for this!

  8. Great inspiration photos. I own an underbust corset that I want to try wearing as outerwear but I'm having trouble finding a way to do it that doesn't look like I stepped out of a Renaissance faire. Since I have a large chest, I am not comfortable wearing just a bra under it to wear it in public (too much cleavage). I would love to see some inspiration photos for wearing an underbust corset as outerwear.

  9. This is TERRIBLE. Not casual wear at all!!! Not to mention they all look horrible, if my girl ever wore any of that I'd want to find a new wife ASAP. Google images would be more helpful then this "article". Take it from 6 decent looking heterosexual guys who aren't a bunch of fashion princesses, in a room watching me write this and all in full agreement. Don't wear ANY of this shit for god's sake!!! Wear a real corset with some tight ass jeans and stay legit.

    1. Thank you for your TERRIBLE feedback. May I ask where it states that this 'blog post' is about corsets being "casual' wear? It clearly states as Outerwear, in the title itself. And I'm sure your wife would love to know that if she puts a fashion foot wrong in your eyes you would just find yourself a new woman. That's true love right there...
      What I really want to know is what "6 DECENT looking HETEROSEXUAL guys (who aren't a bunch of fashion princesses) were doing together looking up how to wear a corset as outerwear (casual wear....)?
      I think you and your decent looking friends should write an ARTICLE on how you all wear your corsets as CASUAL wear legitimately. I think I would be beneficial to the female public.

    2. That was the perfect response

    3. Also… has this person /not/ seen Selena Quintanilla? She was beautiful and classy while wearing a bustier! You can be classy doing something like that… honestly, people these days…

  10. Smart ideas! I really appreciate your sense of fashion its really creative! I love lingerie and how you've styled it.The result was so fashionably gorgeous and sexy!Thanks for publishing this blog!

  11. I just purchased 2 new real corsets, with steel boning and fitting strings. I was hoping for some help wearing them somewhere besides the bedroom or a renaissance fair. The pictures you show here do not help me at all since they are all modern lingerie instead of an actual corset.
    The only thing I have come up with is to wear it with jeans like the anonymous gentleman said above.
    I am still searching for suggestions...

  12. Where did you get the $10 corset?!

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  14. Good article minus the slut shaming :)


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