The ones that got away.......

Jean Paul Gaultier for La Perla
Do you ever have regrets for the ones that got away? Lingerie I mean! Well I do. There are pieces that I think about years after the set has sold out. I actually dreamt about it last night... Finding a store that had all the items I ever wanted but could never own, and all on sale! Oh my god, dream come true! But alas, I then woke up...

The reason I don't own these dream items are because I could never afford them at the time. Pieces that were always going to be out of my reach unless I saved really hard. These expensive pieces I can only afford to buy occasionally and if you don't purchase them upon first release, they sellout. I allow myself to indulge a few times a year and will save up to purchase a designer set that I absolutely adore. Usually for my birthday at least I will buy something outrageous and frivolous. I think you should be indulging on yourself for these lovely pieces. I don't buy them for anyone but myself. And the items I purchase usually aren't to a males standard of amazing... But to me they are like artwork.

La Perla Black Label Dragon Bodysuit

These are those pieces I most desired and will never own.....  Above the La Perla Black Label Bodysuit. Worth $700 and something I would attempt to wear as outerwear. Below is La Perla "Mezzanotte" in green. Black was available in my size but it was the green colour I fell in love with. It was one of those colours I didn't have in my collection. And to top it off it was made from Chantilly lace (my favourite) and silk.

La Perla Mezzanotte
Then there are the pieces that I fight tooth and nail to find and some how come up with the goods! Searching the World Wide Web for them, years after I missed out on the release here in Australia.

La Perla Fusion Bodysuit

This was one of the first La Perla items I ever desired. I finally tracked one down, brand new with tags, 5 years later, on Ebay. It cost me $180 AUS. It was however in a soft lilac colour which doesn't suit my skin tone at all. But I still love it. If I ever come by the black one I will purchase that too.

How amazing is this embroidery??

Bordelle Hourglass Angela dress

Above is a brand that I absolutely love but don't own any of their items yet. Prices are around the $1000 mark so not exactly easily attainable. The 'Hourglass' dress however came up on ebay once and I started a bidding war with someone to own it. I didn't even know if the item was going to fit me, but I knew at the starting price of $150, I had to give it a shot. I watched the item for a week then started my bids at the last minute thinking I could get it at a bargain price. But I soon found out that a lot of people were doing the same thing and the item ended up going for just over $400. Just out of my reach... I still think about it and wish I had upped my bid but at the time $300 was already pushing the boundaries of what I could afford.

These are a few of those items I regret not buying and am still searching the world over for...

Argentovivo silk chemise
Lascivious 'Candy' bodysuit
Aubade 'Brume De Anges'
Made by Niki bodysuit
La Perla Black Label Cage corset
Do you have any of those pieces that you regret not buying? And would you like some tips on how to track them down online??


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