Hot Pink is my 'Happy' colour!

Hot pink has never been a colour I ever liked and I'm sure many women feel exactly the same. Far too cliched girlie and honestly I'm not in anyway a girlie girl, but this has become my 'happy' colour. It's one of those colours that brings a smile to my face every-time I wear it. Not because I particularly like the tone, but it brings a sense of femininity to my normal black attire. A dash of girl-ish-ness (I know that's not a word) and coming into Winter and colder weather I've found myself popping on a lot more colour underneath than I normally would.

Lise Charmel  'In Love'

I purchased three bottoms with the one bra but unfortunately the high waisted one I wanted sold out. 

The colour pink can be seen as fun, exciting, and youthful. It has the same high energy as red without being too aggressive. Capturing all the allure and passion while being a little more light-hearted and cheeky. It is the colour of joy and happiness and for some women, speaks of the desire for the more carefree days of childhood. But it in no way has to be a childish look. Think fun, bold and flirtatious.

                         Here are a few of my favourite shots and sets.


Madame V

The easiest way to break into a new colour is to add it to black. There are so many beautiful sets that have a black base with a coloured detail. Just a dash of pink to your lingerie can change the look completely. From dark and moody to sweet and sexy. Black tulle with fuchsia embroidery or black lace with a pink satin trim. Step out of your comfort zone and try something just a little different. Remember you are the only one who needs to know you've embraced your childhood colour again.

Agent Provocateur

La Perla 'Colour'
Naory 'Milonga'
Agent Provocateur      

What is your Happy colour?


  1. Oh, yes, YES, YES!!! I want! My favourite colour and the lingerie is beautiful! The colour of the lingerie in the top photo is my ideal,and I'd love to be wearing the frilly high-waist briefs with suspenders in the Lise Charmel 'In Love' lingerie set.

  2. Well I got the Lise Charmel "In Love" set from im at the GPO in Melbourne. My size had sold out but they may have your size?? Worth a shot. The series is STUNNING!


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