Why the droop when I wear stockings?

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For those hoping to read something a bit dirty, a bit seedy, I'm sorry to say it but I just love a good innuendo title! This blog gives me so many opportunities to play with words as I see fit, so if that's what you were hoping to read, you better log out now. I'm only going to talk about stockings and why they sometimes droop.

After the last blog post I wrote on stockings versus stay ups I was asked a question on where you could buy stockings with an angled peak. At first I didn't quite understand what this client meant. I'd heard and owned ones with contrast colour welts, key hole features and signatures. But angled peak stockings? Why didn't I own these already?! I thought I knew all there was to know about lingerie and the accessories that go along with them. I asked a little bit more about the style she was trying to hunt down, and then she showed me an image similar to the following... (hers was more exaggerated though)

To those who don't wear stockings and suspender on a semi regular basis, this is an image of a normal pair of stockings that have been pulled up tight creating a stretch and droop effect.. Her boyfriend had shown her this image and now wanted to buy herself a pair. She had gone to Myer, David Jones, numerous lingerie stores, on the hunt for a pair just like it. The problem was that any staff she showed this image to told her, they didn't stock angled top stockings and perhaps should try another store...

With time, movement, over stretching and general wear: the fabric of the hosiery can create an angled peak  pull where attached to the suspender hooks. This client had gone into multiple stores where the staff knew nothing about stockings for suspenders and they too had presumed that the photo she'd shown them were of a special style that they just didn't sell there... "Perhaps you should look online?"

I started to think about all the things I presume every one knows, as people I usually talk lingerie with, work within the industry and are very passionate about their field. I often forget that the whole purpose of the blog is to introduce lingerie to people who are wanting to learn a little bit more in an easy and non judgmental way. I had to tread carefully and back it up with facts.

I had to do quite a bit of talking to make her start to consider that the droop effect came from wearing a normal stocking itself. I showed her items she could buy but she was convinced they weren't right. I eventually had to flash her my stocking tops in order to try make her understand what wearing stockings daily can do to them.

"Yes, exactly like those ones!"
"They are the ones I just showed you...."
"But the ones you showed me weren't angled! They were straight!"
"They are exactly the same ones that I am wearing but I've worn them all day. For ten hours and pulled my suspender straps tight. They've just started to droop now."

She still wasn't fully convinced that I was right and she was wrong. She decided to keep searching the world for these elusive angle topped stockings her boyfriend had shown her... Good luck is all I could say as I helped her purchase the rest of her goodies.

For the lingerie and stocking enthusiasts out there who know of these mythical, angled top stockings, please send through a link so we can help this girl out!

What stocking brands do you wear?


  1. Hi! Unrelated to this post, but I was wondering if you could tell me some good lingerie shops or brands that I can go to in London/Paris? I'm looking to buy some new pieces for my collection but don't want to be spending everything on it. I don't want anything La Perla price, something affordable..but nothing cheap and tacky. Any recommends?

    1. Hi! Thanks for the question. Well to be honest I hit up Galleries Lafayette and Printemps in Paris as they have such a huge variety and luckily for me it was sale season. I had a list of brands I was seeking to buy which were the higher price ones I cannot get here. Believe it or not there was an amazing adult store near the Moulin Rouge that had a really decent lingerie collection including Prelude. Try also Princess Tam Tam, have to have a look at Chantal Thomass (theres often a sale section upstairs) Aubade (stores and in the department stores) Fifi Chachnil, Sabia Rossa, Lise Charmel, Maison Close, Myla (I adore there style but need to find it on sale...)
      Then in London obviously hit up Selfridges and Harrods. You have to go check out Coco Der mer (though not cheap...) for cheap you can try Ann Summers, Intimissimi, and your main stream clothing stores were pretty good. H&M, Top Shop had much bigger lingerie selections than here in Aus. Brands to look out for Mimi Holliday, Nichole De Carle. I found again that some random adult stores had really good lingerie at decent prices! And go to Camden Market for amazing unique corsets! I have no idea what the name was but the girls from NDCL recommended it and I bought an amazing underbust corset in green.
      Hopefully this helps! All I recommend is wandering and seeing what you find. But definitely hit up department stores for the variety. Seriously, Selfridges had Bordelle, Made by Niki and Atsuko Kudo! It aint like Aus thats for sure! xx

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  4. maybe some day the girl will figure out the fact when she put on the stockings with garters

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