As the wind blows away the truth
That has polluted my breath for so long
The air around me
becomes clearer  

Somehow life had become stilted
All the clocks had stopped ticking 
Time had slowed 
and nothing at all 
had moved on

I had waited until my heart had stopped beating
Till my eyes had stopped seeing
And I heard nothing of what anyone yelled my way

Then fates breeze started blowing
With a force that knocked me down
It blew me off the course
 I thought was carved in stone

The lights suddenly became brighter
and heights I yearned for
became so much closer
Nothing was what I expected 
yet everything was what I wanted

And all I needed to do 
was blow the past away

Blow it away 
with a breeze between the trees
with a gust between the needs
Blow away the doubts that had been seeds
The lust that had been greed
The need no longer me...

I waited until I was ready
Until it was my time
and now 
this blow is mine 

-My Lingerie Addiction

My life hasn't been a breeze for over a year now and time is something I struggle to keep a check on. I adore what I do for a living but when you are working two jobs within an industry you are highly passionate about, it makes it hard to have what I call a life

Recently I took a trip to the country side with friends for a much needed escape. As always I took along a bag full of lingerie.  Each time I think I will take a break from my work for awhile, somehow it draws me back in. Not because I need to be that involved but I find once I relax I automatically become more inspired to work harder. I guess it is my calling.

The above photos are all untouched shots I took of my Pleasure State Couture "Tiara" pleated chemise. Every time the wind blew, the piece took on a completely different look. I loved the way the pleats would fall and float as the winds grew stronger. It inspired the shots and it created the poem. Lingerie has become my muse...

So let me ask you, what inspires you to be creative?


  1. Love this! Any lingerie markets you can recommend? Like you, I love everything from vintage to practical.


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