Why rules are meant to be broken

My Aubade 'Sophia Glamour' Balconette and suspender short with stockings

As everyone knows, women are forever changing their minds.
"You told me you had to buy the red dress to wear TONIGHT! Why aren't you wearing it?!"
"Well I changed my mind didn't I?! I wasn't in the mood for red... Actually now that you mention it, maybe I will try it on again..."

I often feel the same when I spout out my lingerie rules, regulations and posts like they're fact. The truth is, it's just my opinion, at the time. I change my mind and preferences as often as I do my lingerie, so don't judge my rants as facts. It's just a way of me venting as well as educating. It's called a blog for a reason.

People who know me within the industry will hear me talk about wearing only stockings (or nylons) with your suspenders. But truth be known, I often wear stay ups with mine! Lingerie blasphemy I know. Yes I teach the way it should be, but hey, life isn't always like that. Rules are meant to be broken.

My Bordelle Bodysuit with suspenders and stockings

In winter you will always find me wearing either a corset, waist cincher or suspender belt set. Not just because I love to wear them but I need to layer up my lingerie in order to keep warm. I only wear dresses and never pants, so the cold winter weather means I have to wear hosiery in order to keep my legs warm. And I don't like to wear pantyhose...

When I wear stockings and suspenders under my shorter length dresses I always find I end up flashing the double layer tops and a dash of skin as the stockings start to droop. I get unwanted attention and this is not what I want. So with the length of dress I choose to wear I opt for stay ups in order to hide the fact I am not wearing a full coverage opaque pantyhose. I still attach them to my suspender belts as there's not many brands I trust to stay up after multiple washes and wears. (I have had them fall down awkwardly a few too many times for me to have complete faith.)

My Ambra Stay ups worn with black Swarovski crystal hand beaded Stella McCartney set

With the stay ups I wear you can still attach them to a suspender belt, though obviously a little fiddlier to do due to the silicone backing. But it means that I can sit them higher on my leg and they remain straight and never have the droop factor that stockings do with wear.

When recommending stockings to clients I often opt for sheer 15 denier for a dressy look and often just in a skin tone in order to blend with the leg rather than highlight it. However my daily winter wear is Ambras Opaque no show stay ups in 70 denier. Heavy weight, silky feel and the perfect plain top look. I pull them up higher than I should and I clip them to my suspenders just in case. Though I've found for about the first 5 wears it's still secure enough to wear them only as a stay up. They are hypoallergenic and perfect for my super sensitive skin. Most stay ups leave me with welts after the first wear. Even after washing them first.

Opaques last longer, keep my legs warmer and I prefer the more casual approach to my lingerie rather than dressing it up too obviously as a daily look. It's all about comfort for me. And having sensitive skin also I have found I react badly to a lot of stay ups on the market however this one has become my savior. I have recommended them to many people and now I share my secret with you. I make a lingerie mistake every day. I don't always wear traditional stockings with my suspender belts. I more often than not, wear stay ups attached... Don't judge me.

Black and White Photography team
Photographer: Peter Soulis
Model: Ellie Lemons
Hair and Makeup: Campbell Ritchie
Lingerie stylist: My Lingerie Addiction

Red photography team
Photographer: Vlad Savin
Model: Keira Bingham
Hair and Makeup: Amy Kenny
Stylist: My Lingerie Addiction

What are your favourite stocking or stay up brands?


  1. Thank you for this! I've been searching for a good pair of stay-ups that actually stay up and don't leave welts on my legs. I'm guilty of often choosing to wear stay-up instead of traditional stockings with my suspenders. It must be something about the extra security! I can't wait to pick up a pair of Ambras, hopefully they will be the answer to all my stay-up woes.


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