I AM Beyonce!

As I dance around my house every morning, listening to the radio in order to wake up, I like to think I am Beyonce. I have the dance moves down pat (well in my sleepy state of mind I do), I have a booty I like to shake but most of all, I have the same lingerie taste that Queen B has. Perhaps I am Beyonce...

Earlier this year at the Grammys we saw this award winning artist wear a mix of two of my favourite labels of all time, La Perla and Nichole De Carle. Both brands have a style completely their own, but when you combine the two, it equals pure lingerie magic.


Nichole De Carle bodysuit with La Perla Cage vest

The outfit Beyonce wore was La Perla Black Label's Cage vest worn over a specially tailored version of Nichole De Carle's Onyx Tuxedo Bodysuit. Both pieces are now on my must have list. I'm just waiting to save a little more money...You know how it is. Lingerie lust = "I can't afford to eat this week"

Over the many years of being a lingerie addict, I have amassed a huge collection of designer lingerie, especially La Perla, and now I have started on Nichole De Carle. Last year I was fortunate enough to meet with the namesake designer in Europe and chat lingerie over coffee. For me it was like a dream. Meeting with a true original creative, who understands fashion and doesn't follow trends; she creates them. Nichole has a style all her own and the way she talked about her passion for design in lingerie was truly inspiring. To anyone else, I guess it was like meeting Beyonce herself.

From Lingerie Insight
I don't mind spending money on lingerie I class as collectable. I love to buy the highly unusual, high fashion items that I consider to be works of art. Sometimes they appear styled as outerwear but more often than not, they are strictly for underneath garments and only for myself to truly enjoy. But seeing these items in the public eye, like in video clips, makes me think again... How far can I push these lingerie as outerwear boundaries? If Beyonce can do it, why cant I?

The bra featured above is part of a La Perla set I just had to own. The fringing is detachable, the hi waist knickers delectable and seeing it worn by Beyonce herself made it even more desirable. I wasn't sure how easy this set would be to wear but it had to be part of my collection.

The bra has already been worn three times, which is impressive for me! Once by a model in my most recent shoot and twice by me. I decided to wear it under a cropped white chantilly lace top with a high waist full skirt to Melbourne Fashion week and then just as a bra to my burlesque class! Truly versatile!

A Lingerie Affair 
Photographer: Vlad Savin
Model: Keira Brigham
Stylist: My Lingerie Addiction
Make-up and Hair: Amy Kenny 

Some of the lingeire I own is just too beautiful not to show off as the high fashion pieces they are. I just need to figure out some more creative ways to wear them as outerwear... Thats a full post in itself! 

What do you think of lingerie in video clips featured as outwear?


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