Von Follies by Dita Von Teese for Target

There's no better way to start the blog than checking out Von Follies by Dita Von Teese. For those of you who dont know who she is, don't worry, I'm sure I will fill you in soon! But for now it's about previewing the range now selling at Target

The collection was released in February 2012. And NOT to rave reviews. I went straight down to check out the stock and was bitterly disappointed. This is not what I excpected from the Vintage Queen. Normal cuts, plain boring fabrics and mediocre quality. I thought "Oh well. You only get what you pay for" and walked out with nothing. There wasn't a single thing I wanted to try on. Which is unlike me. I forgot about the release and got on with my life.....
 Until I heard Dita was coming to town! LMFF were going to be parading the Von Follies range featuring Von Teese herself. Now that got me excited, even after the disappointing lingerie release. The parade was partly styled by Dita, using accesories from her private collection. She banned fake tan and too skinny models and embraced curves and cheekiness.

Custom made Upside down overwire bra, full brief and suspender (not available like this instore)


The parade captured my attention. The standard catwalk models seemed awkward and gangily compared to the more confident, curvaceous models. Dita of course, outshone the lot with her blatant femininity. She knows how to be a woman.
Large Parade Photos by Scott Gick

Von Follies featured 25 models of different heights, shapes and colours. It was lovely to see them all featured in the Melbourne Parade. It certainly made a change to the normal coat hangers that walk.
 But these products, as opposed to clothing, are a lot more about the female form. How best to show it off, undressed, no matter what your shape may be.

Video is well worth a watch
After the parade I decided to venture back into Target, as a couple of the pieces seen on stage I had'nt seen in store previously. And they were the ones I decided I had to own. Lucky for me I found out that the second release of Von Follies came out March 2 and amongst that was some lingerie gold! Now the products may not be an average persons style. Vintage inspired cuts with a higher brief and a more cone like shape to the bust. Pure 1940s. It may not be the silhouette you want to have under an outfit, but for the vintage enthusiasts, this is an amazing find in Australia. A design not seen with any brand here since I'd say the 1950s. I however am not about vintage stylying, but I loved the fact that they were different.

The sizing ran a little big in the cup so it was hard finding the right fit. 2 items in the same style, same size, fit quite diferent. Thats Target quality I guess. The briefs only started at a size 10 (G/Ss however came in an 8) and it was again a larger sizing. The range claimed to go up to a 20DD. However that was only in 2 styles. The "normal" range went up to a 16DD and a 16 bottom.

Now the following may not be everyones cup of tea but it needed to be added to my collection. It features only an Overwire, no underwire, and it can be turned into a strapless. I did'nt have anything like it. I couldn't decide between the colours, so I took both.
At $45 for the bra and $25 for the brief how could I not?!

 What do you think? Sexy or old fashioned?


  1. Sexy and old fashioned, which I love! I love retro lingerie - including classic high waisted full briefs, corsetry, garter belts, back-seamed stockings, waist-cinchers, etc..
    We share the same lingerie addiction and admiration of Dita Von Teese whom I follow on Dita's Twitter page. I just did a post featuring Dita's last week titled "A Couple of Briefs Fame Notes" and had embedded the same video! I like your post a lot better. It is way more complete and I love all the photos. They're wonderful. I can't believe I only just discovered your blog just now! I love it and am following now.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful blog! I do have a question regarding the overwire bra. I tried one on in store when they first came out and it was way too small and they didnt have the size i wanted (I believe it was a 10C and they didnt have the 12C or 14C in stock). I want to buy it online but i am nervous about the sizing. To put it into perspective, could you please tell me what size you bought and what you usually are in a bra? I hope thats not too personal and it would be very much apprecaited! Emma

    1. Thanks for the lovely feedback. I was very hesitatnt purchasing the Von Follies range and to be honest haven't even worn them yet as I dont find them that comfortable. I am a 10C and ended up purchasing a 10C, after trying on a couple different sizes as well as 3 in the same size. They themselves differed slightly... They do fit a little smaller in the back than some Aussie labels though. If the back was way too small then maybe go for a 12B instead of 10C. You'll just do it up on a tighter hook. It is tricky purchasing bras online... But I would say stick with your normal size if you can. You can always exchange it.

    2. If you haven't purchased your Von Follies yet do it online now as they are all 30% off today only!


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