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My (stolen) Lingerie Addiction

For those who follow me on  SOCIAL MEDIA would have seen by now that my workpartment was broken into on Friday March 6th in what appears to be a targeted attack and nearly my entire lingerie collection was stolen. I am completely devastated. I have spent 18 years collecting specialty lingerie pieces and 14 of those were spent buying mainly designer lingerie labels from around the world. These items were ultimately something I wanted to feature in an exhibition further down the track. My collection has been valued at $100K AUD.  People have been shocked to hear the amount I speak of and to be honest so was I when it was all added up. Let me clear up a couple facts. I am in no way a rich girl. In fact I'm poor. I just chose the lifestyle I wanted to lead for a reason. It's my passion AND career. I skimped and saved to purchase the items I owned. I wanted to reinvest into this collection in order to learn from it and share it with the world.  And no I wasn't insured....

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