How do you store your bras?

I remember a time when I was so proud to have two drawers devoted just to lingerie. One for bras and one for bottoms. Then I started buying chemises, corsets, bodysuits... more bras. I had to then extend my lingerie section to three drawers.  Now as my collection has run wild I have a whole tall boy full of lingerie! Not just full, but completely overflowing. I have had to hang my chemises and long night gowns to make space for the ever growing collection. I have officially outgrown the chest of drawers that I got when I was 21 and am in search of a lingerie wardrobe to store my more expensive pieces.

Now storing lingerie to me is a very important part of preservation. If you are wanting your garments to last you must store them properly. Bras especially, can easily go out of shape if squashed into drawers (as I have learnt with over cramming!) If everything is stored neatly it will keep you not only rotating your lingerie more often but also keeping your bras in the best possible shape.

Bra drawer #1... yes I have more...

 Moulded Bras

As you can see my moulded cup bras are all lined up, inverted or twisted, (not the ideal storage way I must admit) with a matching bottom tucked up behind it. This is so I can keep track of all my matching pieces so I'm not scrounging around in my undies drawers trying to find the matching g/string to a bra I want to wear. And yes I usually wear matching.  I've sorted everything into colours so I can easily grab out the right colour to match an outfit I'm wearing. Red top? There's my red bra options! Quick and easy.

To invert or not invert. This is the question. Well it depends on three things.

#1 Do you have the space to lie your bras flat?
#2 Are your bras pre formed moulded?
#3 Can you twist?

#1 Do you have Space?

If you have the space to store your bras flat then definitely go with that option. This is how you are meant to store them. Line up your bras, with the back hooks done up, one in front of the other. It's the best way to keep the shape of the bra. Moulding on top of moulding. For the bra up the very back pop something underneath the cups so it too can keep its shape.

Lying flat. How they should be stored.


#2 What is Pre formed Moulded?

Think your smoothest T-shirt bra. Now it isn't only made in the basic version, this can often be covered in a fabric or lace. Look at the inside of the cup. Is it all in one piece with no seams? This is a pre formed moulded. As a test, invert the cup and see if ripples appear. Often seen all over or even just on the edges of the moulding. If it ripples anywhere do NOT leave the cup inverted. Check the inside AND the outside. Often the inside of the bra looks fine but you can feel fine ridges on the outside underneath the fabric. The longer it sits like that in your drawer the more permanent the creases will become. Your smooth line bra will no longer be a smooth line.

Ripples created from inverting the cup during storage

#3 Can you Twist?

Twisting can be done only on your low cut plunge bras (or push ups). If there is a very narrow band to the middle section you give it a half twist one way so you have placed one cup upside down on top of the other and tuck the straps up behind it. It isn't inverting the cup and ruining its shape. This can only be done on certain shape bras. Make sure the wire does not get twisted and you are not forcing the bra into position. It should fold naturally and easily.


So have a look at what you have and how best to store them. If you can, store them flat. Keep your bras separate from your clothes. Remember if you are inverting or twisting your bras then make sure you do up the back hooks! Why? So they don't catch on anything. The worst thing is having the hooks catch onto the lace of another bra and spending the next minute trying to set it free without tearing the fabric. Rookie mistake. Do up your hooks!

I'm now on the search for a second hand wardrobe to do up and store part of my lingerie collection in. I need to practise what I preach and store my lingerie better. Which means no longer over crowding my drawers and creating more storage space to better preserve (and display) my collection. do you store your bras?


  1. I store my bras the same way you do (minus the colour coordination - my bra collection is not extensive enough to warrant that, unfortunately) and I try not to invert them if I can help it.

    Not ideal, but I don't have a lot of space. It does the job! Gorgeous blog by the way :)

  2. Great post, I always inverted them, as I googled today I immediately stored them flat!

  3. That's a really great idea! It saves a lot of space. If bras were stored that way, it wouldn't be any hard to welcome new members of the collection. And if you’re out of space, a small drawer will surely do.

    Ted Juhl

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  6. ive recently had to buy all new bras as ive gone from being a size AUS 14c to an AUS 10f so im currently looking for a set of drawers for my bras but my old bras i used to invert

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