Bendon Outlet $100 for $1000 worth of lingerie

One of my favourite places to go to is the Bendon Outlet. It's just around the corner from my house, I never get hassled by staff (maybe because they see me there every week!) and there are always great discounts. Now not everyone knows that the Bendon Group also owns labels such as Pleasure State, Elle Macpherson, Stella McCartney, Dimity So and quite a few other well known names. These are the reasons you go to Bendon!

Now here is where I do become just a little bit of a lingerie snob! Only going for the big ticket, limited cut pieces such as Pleasure State Couture, Elle Macpherson Boudoir, Obsidian and Stella McCartney. Bendon outlets are all over Australia and stock does differ slightly store to store, so it's great to visit a couple if you have the time. Go in there regularly, as stock does sell quickly. They are often left with odd size bras with no matching bottoms. If that's your style then not a problem! But I can't get one piece without the other. You must have at least one matching bottom to every bra you get. Even if you dont wear it like that everyday.

                          For the location closest to you click on the link below.


You MUST put your name down on their mailing list when instore, to get emailed when they have their sales. And Im telling you, these sales are well worth the wait! They always have an "Everything under $20" sale. About every two to three months. Worth popping in a few times over the sale period as they do restock with new collections sometimes. Unfortunately they often take some of the high priced products off the shelf also, but sometimes if you're lucky.............

Today I picked up 6 chemises, Elle Macpherson Obsidian mainly (which normally are taken off the floor before the sale, as staff have told me) rrp $1010 for only $119! Now these times are well worth the wait. Not that their normal sales aren't good. But if I had purchased these same 6 chemises last week they would have cost me $625. Bendon Outlets "full" price. Still a decent bargain, but I would've only been able to afford to purchase one of them.

 Elle Macpherson Obsidian "Lizz" chemise

 Elle Macpherson "Luna" silk chemise rrp $200 purchased today for only $20! I already have the matching bra and two bottoms from their last sale. $20 for the bra $10 for each bottom.

   4 pieces of silk lingerie for only $60?? Would you say no??


  1. Wow, amazing bargain on those chemises! They look beautiful.

    This is why I hate living in the country... I haven't seen anything like this (products OR sales) since I left Melbourne :(

  2. There is always online shopping! ;) I do that all the time... Though normally I do like to try things on. Thanks for lovely feedback by the way! x

    1. I'm not sure I could buy lingerie online, the sizing is always so different! It's worth a try though, I'll be looking into it. You're very welcome, I don't recall seeing many lingerie blogs around, so this is fantastic :)

      Also, I nominated you for an award over at my blog. The rules are in the post if you are interested! :)

  3. Just came across your blog today & I'm hooked! I am also addicted to lingerie & will definitely be checking out my nearest Bendon outlet :)

    1. I like to hear from other Addicts! I went down to my local outlet today and they have yet another great sale on. I picked up 3 bottoms valued at $210 for only $20. They also had bra specials 2 bras for $20. It's a lot of odd stock pieces but goodies none the less. If you're on Facebook or Twitter connect to me there as I will update on any flash sales I see along the way.

    2. Fantastic- am following you on both :) Thanks!

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