Bottoms: French Knickers, Shorts, Boylegs.


Whatever name you call them, they can often be exactly the same thing, or completely different! Confusing isn't it?! Shorts, French Knickers, Boylegs, Booty Shorts, G/Short, Hot pants, Boxer short, Boy short, Shorty, etc. They are all names for a bottom that has a wider side, covers the hips and sits like a short on the body. Cuts will vary dramatically depending on brands definition of the words. But they could all be called one of the names above. So if you walk into a store asking for something with a matching french knicker, remember it may be nothing like the style you are picturing in your head.

                                         Traditional French Knicker

Traditionally a French knicker is meant to be a loose fitting short. Think of a higher waisted version of a men's loose boxer short. It was a style that became popular in the 1920s in UK and Australia. (Also known as Tap Pants in the US.) The name supposedly came from the early 1900s French Can Can dancers frilly bloomers, worn under their dresses to flash at the patrons. The French however never use this term! A French knicker can now be called so if it has no elastic on the leg opening. The name has stuck now to a number of different short style cuts. Hence nowadays there are fitted versions of the French Knicker also.

                                 Silk semi traditional French Knicker

 Due to the seamless effect shorts can now create, they have overtaken G/strings in popularity. With no elastic cutting into the bum, but still offering coverage, it's no wonder they have become a winner with women. Popularity with men has increased dramatically also, due to the often "cheekiness" of the cut. Sitting straight across the back, rather than under the cheek line, you see just a little bit of the bottom peeking through. Because this cut doesn't have elastic through the leg it can move on the body sometimes depending on your curves. And this is exactly how it is meant to be. It's up to personal comfort whether you like this or not.

                                               Aubade "Bahia" short

Stretch lace is a popular choice to use, as it can be woven in the exact width of the short. Around 15cm wide with scalloped edges on both sides. No elastic needed to keep the pants in place. The fabric itself has all the stretch it needs. Make sure you get the correct size so it sits flush against the body and doesn't flare at all on the leg.

A boy leg is meant to be different again. A cut popularised by Bonds with their lower cut hipster style. It tucks up under the bum cheeks but still with a wider side over the hip. A sportier style generally. As it stays in position on the body. The cut follows the bum line not like a short that is cut straight or bikini which is angled up more. 

I'm a shorts girl. Are you? I find it the best fit for a more curvaceous behind. Creating a smoother line and no unsightly VPL under clothing. No elastic to cut into the meatier part of the body. If you have a more bountiful booty or want to create the look of one this is a good style to go for. Something that shows just a little bit of "cheekiness".

                       Hand made Leavers lace French Knicker and Triangle bra

                                    Shiori hand beaded Hot Pink short

                               "Marvel by La Perla" Showgirl G/Short

 So whatever style bottom you normally like to wear, one of these shorts is sure to take your fancy. Try something different. Give one a go. I'm a shorts girl. Are you?


  1. Thank you, the information you provided about just how many different styles can be called french knickers is so true.
    Whatever style of french knicker lingerie you choose, I think the important thing is to make sure it fits or complements the shape of your derriere.


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