You know you have a lingerie addiction when...

#1 You actually dream about purchasing or owning certain lingerie

#2 You can't not purchase new lingerie every single week

#3 Your room is covered in lingerie, not even worn yet

#4 You buy lingerie for your friends when you can't buy for yourself
#5 Your lingerie drawer has taken over the whole set of drawers and more

#6 You would prefer lingerie as a gift over anything else

#7 You consider getting married just so you can justify buying an extravagant ivory lingerie set

#8 You physically cannot throw out lingerie no matter how old

#9 You can't afford to go on holidays because you spend your holiday money on lingerie

#10 Your art work is lingeriesque

#11 Your laptop looks like a males, with thousands of lingerie photos on it

#12 You consider going into Burlesque so your lingerie purchases can be a tax right off

#13 You haven't actually worn half of your lingerie collection

#14 You have spent a house deposit amount on lingerie

#15 Your book shelf is covered in lingerie books and paraphernalia

#16 You work full time in the lingerie industry and love every second of it!

#17 You try to convert everyone around you into wearing good lingerie

#18 You don't have to do the lingerie washing for years before you run out of something to wear

#19 You buy wine bottles just because it has a lingerie clad woman on it

#20 Your birthday cards all appear to be lingerie themed

#21 Your most expensive possession is actually lingerie

#22 Your partner finds it hard to buy you lingerie cause, well, you have everything!

#23 You have so much lingerie you actually don't know how much you have

#24 You're happy to spend $99 on a lingerie trend magazine

#25 You watch video clips only to see the lingerie in them

#26 Your emails are 90% lingerie related

#27 You can justify spending thousands on a lingerie set but not on anything else

#28 You wear $600 La Perla lingerie under your $8 op shop dress

#29 You own more lingerie than clothing

#30 You raid op shops for vintage lingerie

#31 You purchase lingerie you know you will never wear but still love them

#32 You purchase lingerie ahead of groceries

#33 You have a feeling of euphoria when purchasing lingerie

#34 You can't help but walk into a boulangerie because the word looks like lingerie...

#35 You consider opening a lingerie museum

 #36 You know all the lingerie brands out there

#37 Your friends have become lingerie addicts

#38 You do unpaid work in the lingerie industry just out of love

#39 Your friends ask you for lingerie advice
#40 You attend any lingerie event you can

#41 You know what lingerie will fit you without even having to try it on

#42 You wear at least two different lingerie sets in a day

#43 Your lingerie collection is in every single room of your house

#44 You take lingerie in your handbag on a walk incase you need to take a photo of it

#45 You pay attention to lingerie brands worn in movies and track down where to get it from

#46 You relax by researching lingerie anyway you can

#47 You make lingerie when you can't find what you want

#48 You throw the word lingerie into far too many sentences...

#49 You wear beautiful lingerie everyday for yourself, not for anyone else

#50 You start writing a lingerie blog

Ok ok so I admit that my addiction is a little extreme, but I reckon if you agree with 3 out of my 50 statements you too are a lingerie addict!

So, do you think you have a lingerie addiction?


  1. I think even I have about 6 of these.....

  2. I literally have nearly ALL of them!!!


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