Happy Halloween (lingerie dressing)!

I know we Aussies don't really celebrate Halloween here (yet) but I happen to love the idea of it. Not because of the over commercialisation of this non holiday, but the fact that people can dress up in such a flamboyant way and it be completely acceptable. You can become a superhero and suddenly feel powerful. You can become a scandalous celebrity and bring out your inner diva. You can become a zombie and appear ugly and be completely comfortable within that! You can be whatever it is you want and by doing so it often changes the behaviour of the person in costume. You start to role play. You have fun exploring the character you portray.

This Halloween I will be in lingerie costume, just for the fun of it. I know I don't often talk about "dressing up" because I want to first introduce lingerie as being all about you, not anyone else. But there is that other fun side of frivolous, non practical lingerie sets that I absolutely adore. Not just to see the reaction it can receive but also the different personality you sometimes put on when wearing them. It doesn't have to be the tacky "Naughty nurse" costume but something out of the normal realm of lingerie. Something that you cannot wear under clothing. Something that is strictly for fun and not necessarily a costume. Here is an array of styles I will be considering wearing this Halloween night.

Aubade Boite Desir

Victoria's Secret

Marlies Dekkers
Nichole de Carle
Baci Lingerie

Victoria's Secret

What Katie Did

Marlies Dekkers

Aimer Feel

Now if only I could find my fluffy ears to go with my Japanese cat costume.... What are you going to wear for Halloween?


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