Lingerie faux pas and a pub

I went to the local pub to watch the Grand Final on the weekend. Even though I don't go for either team I thought I would still get in the mood and scream at the top of my lungs at a television screen surrounded by a hundreds of others doing just the same.  Now I don't go out to this sort of a place normally. It was one of those 'hip' pubs that turns into a club later in the night. I knew that when I walked in, but what I was confronted with was a shock to the system...

I turned up in pub lunch/footy appropriate attire and found myself surrounded by women in all levels of undress... At noon... At a pub... I was there to watch the Grand Final not find a mate, but these girls had other ideas. It was fascinating to see this in daylight as all the faults and flaws become aparrent. You can get away with wearing a certain type outfit in the dark but in the daylight so many mistakes were there, staring me in the face. I wanted to scream at them not at the television.

Now I wont go on about the fashion faux pas themselves cause, well, I dont write a fashion blog. But I can tell you ladies that inappropriate lingerie during daylight is so much more obvious and I just couldn't help but stare. That is not the sort of attention I think you want. So let me give you the top three mistakes that were made and probably weren't even realised. Dont let me catch you doing the same... Let the rant begin.

#1 VPL under body con and leggings (are not pants btw)


Ladies ladies ladies. When did looking in the mirror become so difficult?? I understand at night (or when teamed with alcohol) these mistakes are not as easily seen. But in the harsh light of day, seeing your panty line under a fitted outfit is not attractive. It's rather distracting, in a really bad way. All you need to do is go get yourself some basic seamless bottoms and miraculously your butt looks better! You don't have to wear a g/sting to get that invisible look. And seriously, do you really want to look like your underwear is too small to fit your bottom inside it? Get yourself down to Target and try these basic seamless briefs. They are completely smooth under an outfit and only cost $12 (or go when Target have their 20% off all underwear sale like I do and stock up). Please don't show me double butt again...

Target Seamless Hipster Briefs

#2 A Push up bra and a wrong size bra are two different things


I see so many women going for that push up effect by wearing a bra that is a cup size too small. Not intentionally either I might add. Go get yourself a proper push up bra please! Yes your too small bra may create a full cleavage to capture a mans eye but from the side it looks like you have four boobs. Yes you hear me, four of them and it isn't an attractive look. Don't strangle your bust, cutting it off across the middle as you aim for maximum lift. This isn't attractive. It just looks like you haven't bought a new bra in a long long time and I don't think that is the image you want to present. Go get a fitting and look out for a smoothline push up bra that can be worn under all you Saturday night (or day apparently) outfits for full effect.

#3 Pantyhose Scar...


This is a term I use when a pantyhose wearer doesn't wear a flat seam style with a tight fit dress. It refers to the centre seem that a lot of hosiery have running all the way down the belly to the gusset. Under a fitted dress it comes up looking like a big scar on the stomache. There is nothing wrong with wearing pantyhose but look out for a seamless top option to wear under your very fitted or fine dresses. Same goes for the sausage belly (line around your middle) and the bike shorts look (reinforced area around the thigh). If that shows under your outfit, it's telling you that your dress is too short...

Lingerie that should've been worn! (This is for the Swans fans)

We all make lingerie mistakes from time to time. One of my worst was wearing a corset I knew was too big in the back for me as semi outerwear ie under a sheer top and I spent the whole night pulling it down into position as the underwire kept riding up over my bust all night long. It looked terrible! And to top it off I was at a lingerie event!

What has been your biggest lingerie faux pas? Or whats the worst you have seen out and about?


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