Swan Lake

This week I was lucky enough to attend the Australian Ballets production of Swan Lake. I adore the arts but had never actually seen a production of this world famous ballet. I had grown up on the music of Tchaivkosky. My parents would have it playing on vinyl in the lounge room, rather than having the television on. This was the life I was brought up in... So when I was given these tickets the other week, I was ecstatic. They were box seats at the State Theater, so gave us an amazing overview of the whole stage, which I think is perfect for this show. It was beyond beautiful to watch.

Now I'm sure you're wondering... what the heck has this got to do with lingerie?? Well to me the costumes were so reminiscent of lingerie. Beautiful corsets with layers of tulle. Lovely jeweled details scattered across each piece. I would have worn these in the bedroom for sure! It was all about colour, shape and flounce. It created a mood appropriate for the image the production wanted to portray. Whatever it took to capture the audiences attention without actually distracting from the dancers body and the art it created with movement.

Swan Lake reminded me of my childhood, when I had to wear leotards and tutus. Stockings, legwarmers and my hair in a bun. Once I put that outfit on, I was transformed. I  was no longer a young girl with homework to do. I was a ballerina... I'm sure that image is familiar to a lot of girls out there. And even though I was awkward and never a great dancer, when I put that outfit on and twirled around my bedroom, I felt like a different person. I felt confident and beautiful.

To me this is what lingerie dressing is sometimes about. Putting on a costume, not just your everyday wear. Creating another world for a short amount of time. It doesn't have to be about someone else seeing it, it's more about how it makes you feel. You could be a pin up girl. A temptress. A goddess. And if dancing around my bedroom alone in beautiful lingerie makes me feel more confident, then let it be my little trick. I walk out of the house every day with a cheeky smile and only I know why. (Well.. and you now... but shhhh...)

Ballet and dance in general has been used in lingerie photography for many many years. The world of ballet is seen to be feminine yet extremely strong. And I think is the perfect representaion that lingerie brands want to put across. Here for you is a collection of ballet inspired outfits and photography. Oh and if you get a chance, go see Swan Lake.

Do you dress up in lingerie just for fun and not for anyone else? What is your favourite "costume" piece?


  1. I love this! Ballet is sexy and fragile and strong - just like most women! And perfect for a lingerie comparison.

  2. I never thought of the lingerie connection but reading this..so obvious!

  3. ADORE this post! Im a dancer by trade and I completely understand the comparison. I never thought about it before. No wonder I love dance and lingerie!


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