Sass & Bide Lingerie at Myer

The start of Spring saw Sass and Bide release their first lingerie range exclusive to Myer. I quite like the label when it comes to their fashion and always loved how they made bodysuits, triangle bras etc that worked under their clothing for added pizazz. It was great to see a label considering what lingerie could be worn underneath some of their daring designs.

I was curious to see what sort of range they were going to produce for Myer. Was it going to be sequins and ruffles designed to be worn under their garments? Would they be using the same original prints that their iconic clothing label uses? Would it be a comfortable fit bra or strictly a show off piece?

I popped into Myer upon release and was a little disappointed by the whole affair. Yes they had used an easy to wear colour pallet and mixed it up with current season citrus hues, but the style looked a little boring for my liking. Moulded cup bras with faux strap work detail, single colour lace bras with skin colour underlay, two tone fabric triangle bras. Nothing that cried out to me to be purchased...

I thought for the sake of the blog I would try some of the garments on to see what the overall fit was like. The sizing looked to be pretty good but you never know till you put it on. I asked one of the Myer staff members for a bit of help with the range. I like to ask questions when it comes to new labels. I was told she didn't work for Sass & Bide so I would have to ask someone else and she walked off. I went in search of that elusive someone else to help me out. I interrupted an obviously "very important" conversation two staff members were having and again got blank stares and was told they didn't work for Sass and Bide so couldn't help me either. "Go to the other counter..." I headed to the other side of the department and low and behold.... there was no one there.... I gave up. What was the point of trying these garments on when #1 I didn't like them. #2 no one could help me? I walked out very disappointed with the experience and Tweeted out my anger.

This to me is typical Myer service and because it's where a lot of lingerie is purchased by women, I can understand their hatred towards trying on and finding the right garment. If you don't get help it can be an absolutely horrid experience.

I decided to give it another go a couple days later. I persisted in my pursuit to find out what the fit was like so I could review the products a little better. I tracked down a few sizes and styles to try on and headed off to a fitting room. Even once in there I couldn't get any assistance and was just told to "take any change room." They were the only words muttered to me for the hour I was at Myer...

I tried on 'Spots' 'Star Mesh' and '2 Tone' series. The cut and fit was actually quiet good, making a basic looking garment a lot more appealing when on the body. The construction of the bras were slightly different to other labels on the market giving it a point of difference. The sizes range from 8 (selected styles only) to 14, B-D fittings with their underwire bras. The Triangle bras and bottoms are just S, M, L so it limits who will be purchasing them. The range looks to be targeted to the 20 something fashion set. A smaller frame woman wanting to wear smooth lines, semi show off pieces. It is nothing spectacular but starts a good base of lingerie for someone not into anything that is too detailed or girlie.

For those who haven't yet seen the range, here are a few of the photos they have released for the labels launch. I didn't purchase anything for myself but it wasn't really my style, not that the product was bad. Judge for yourself. Just don't expect Myer to help you out at all... If they had given me service or just talked to me about the products a little, I may have actually purchased something...

Check out the complete range here

What do you think of the Sass and Bide lingerie line? And what do you think of Myer and their lingerie department?


  1. I accompanied my wife to a lingerie store last week. There were so many choices. Plus, the sales staff was all very helpful. I guess, that added to my wife’s excitement to shop for more. At the end of the day, she had brought home four sets of Prima Donna underwear and a couple of Marie Jo bodysuits – perfect with the dress I just bought her!

    Ted Juhl

    1. Customer service certainly makes a difference especially when it comes to intimate apparel. Where did you shop?


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