Spring has Sprung!

I can't believe it is finally Spring! The weather starts to clear up, the sun shines and daylight lasts a little longer. The layers come off and winter jackets are ready to be dry cleaned and put into storage for another year... Thank the lord! I die a little in cold weather and my hibernation goes to extreme levels. I switch to drinking red wine and I wear way too much black... though I do try to wear bright colour lingerie underneath at least!

Lucky for me I got away the week Spring started and enjoyed the fruits of Melbourne's extreme weather changes. I headed to Lorne with friends and tried to switch off for a week... Hard to do when there is work to be done, but I did it. Hence I haven't blogged lately. The week was about me, my amazing friends, wine, cheese and of course lingerie.

Hand made Triangle Bra in embroidered tulle
Stella Mccartney

When it comes to warmer weather, you see people wearing more colour or lighter colour outfits and you need the lingerie to match. Skin colour basic wear comes out more and lingerie can get quite boring for a lot of people. Smooth line t-shirt bras are worn daily cause you are actually wearing t-shirts again. Well for me it's different. It's lingerie first, outfit second. I DON'T own basic lingerie. And if I am to wear a tight fit white t-shirt then I have my version of basics that I can wear under it.

I purchased the below set from the Bendon Outlet. I had been eyeing off this series online for awhile but didn't want to pay the full price when I knew I could soon get it for a bargain. It depends how long you are willing to wait and risk missing out. RRP for this set was $200 I ended up succumbing to the outlets half price sale. I normally only purchase items there when they are around $20 a piece. But since I considered this something I would wear a lot during Spring as a basic bra, I parted with my $100 for the set. I was happy with that.

Elle Macpherson Obsidian 'Maria'

The 'Maria' set has a unique vintage feel to the series. It is made from a stretch silk and features a high waist bottom with a decorative button up back. The buttons are very small and flat as to make it still comfortable to sit in! The bra cup is embellished with a hand cut lace and is smooth enough to wear like a t-shirt bra. The colour is slightly softer than the pictures make it out to be and is called blush pink so works wonderfully as a skin tone. This to me, is what I call a pretty basic and the only type I would ever wear.

Essence Magazine

I apologise for disappearing for so long and I promise I will catch up on your emails if I haven't responded to you already.

Do you change what sort of lingerie you wear when seasons change? What do you have as a pretty basic wear set?


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