It's all about how you style it

Lingerie styling is more than just throwing on a matching set and walking out of the bathroom. How you wear it doesn't just mean putting on a pair of stockings, heels and presenting yourself to your partner. Styling can be walking out of the room with a bounce in your step and a smile on your face as much as it does the pieces you team your set up with. Be it the matching suspender belt, eyeshadow to highlight the tone of a bra or your hair let loose from it's bun for the night. It's changing your normal look, it's stepping outside of your comfort zone.

The above lingerie set was loaned out to a stylist for a photo shoot that took on a semi burlesque theme. I could pick out dozens of outfits from my collection that would look amazing for that shoot but this piece was a surprise choice. It was well, um, cheap. I had La Perla Black Label. I had Bordelle. I had Pleasure State Couture. This corset however I picked up for about $40 from SirenDoll on Johnston Street Collingwood many years ago. I don't think I have ever worn it and it sat at the very bottom of my lingerie drawer getting squashed for years. It was a no name brand, made in China, cheap with tacky styling. Multi layer ruffles, big bows, cheap lace over purple tulle. It combined everything they possibly could, into one corset and g-string set. Yes, you know it's bad when it's sold as a "set..."

I never wore this because I had developed a taste for beautiful lingerie that I could actually wear on a daily basis and this was a garment I couldn't put under my outfits. It was forgotten about until I pulled it out as an option for this shoot and I am glad I did. The photos I got back made me realise how different lingerie can look not only on different people, but how you style it up. In this dark mood shoot I prefered the look of the purple under the large rose detail lace. I didn't mind the ruffles and the big satin bows. It wasn't my favourite piece but it wasn't going to be shoved to the bottom of the drawer anymore.

It made me look at my unworn lingerie and think about how I could style them best. I pulled out pieces in my collection that I hadn't worn in years and I found a way to wear them again. The not so appealing tone green and blue La Perla chemise set I got as a gift was revitalised when I wore it with an aqua blue mini dress with matching eyeshadow combination. My candy pink and white striped Aimer Feel push up set could be worn with soft pink lipstick and a super girly dress and I felt like a Princess! I suddenly fell in love with these sets again. When combined correctly, they once again looked amazing to me. Or I at least felt that way in them...

Do you hold onto lingerie you just don't wear anymore? I know I certainly do... But I am trying to wear them all. Even if it is just once a year.


  1. oh gosh you will die when you read this but I hold onto lingerie when it has probably gone past its worn out stage, so embarassing! your blog is definitely encouraging me to get out there and buy some beautiful new pieces, just waiting for a good sale!


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