How to buy Valentines Lingerie (a man's guide)

I think it's time to teach you boys a thing or two about purchasing lingerie for your partner. I will however give you a very condensed version of everything I want to say and will throw in photos every paragraph or two as a reward for your continued reading. Lingerie education isn't just for my female followers...

Whether you've been together for years or only a couple months, lingerie can be a fun gift to give and to receive, but there are a few rules you really need to follow. So let me tell you what you need to look out for when purchasing lingerie as a gift.

Each of the photo collages will show the What you want to buy her (on the left) vs What you should buy her (two photos on the right) What you want to see her in might be worth the risk for some couples, however you need to think like your partner here. Would she actually wear the multi strapped g/string bodysuit you want to get her when you have never seen her in anything other than Bonds? Probably not worth the risk and too far a boundary to push. Yes you may want to see her dress up for you and think she'd look amazing in it, but presenting her with some frivolous undergarment that she will cringe at isn't going to make for a fun time. Buy her something you think she would wear more than just one night. You obviously don't have to buy her what she already has but take on one aspect of what she wears and one aspect of what you'd like to see her in. Combine the two and ta da! Happy Valentines day for both! If you play your cards right she will be wearing the beautiful lingerie all the time and getting addicted to it herself... I know I did.

What size is she?

This is the most important question you need to answer before you step into a lingerie store. Would you like it if your partner bought you an AFL membership for the Hawks thinking "Well I know he likes football" when actually you follow the Bombers? There's no point purchasing something that doesnt fit and she will never wear. Don't stand there proudly stating you know your partners size "She wears a size 8!" that isn't going to get you very far. "What bra size does she wear?" "Um.... 8? It's what she wears in a dress..." I'm telling you now, clothing size is completely different to a bra size. She could be an 6 in a dress and wear a 12B bra.

So go rummaging through her lingerie drawer and find the bras you see her most often in. These are most likely her most comfortable bras, meaning she wears them for a reason. It's her actual size....hopefully.  Look at the tags if they are still attached and find out what size they say. Write down whatever number and letter you see. What you are looking out for is an underbust size ie 12 and a cup size ie D. Whatever number and digit you see, write it down, memorize it, photograph it, whatever! Just please try not bring in your girlfriends used underwear to a store and expect them to decipher the grey frayed tag on a 5 year old bra. This is your LAST resort ok?? Your very last resort...

If you cant get to her lingerie collection then ask a girlfriend of hers. Just make sure she swears not to reveal that you asked, as we girls love to gossip... Most friends will at least know an approximate sizing of a friend of theirs. If you really can't pin point a size then opt for a sleepwear piece like a chemise or babydoll. You don't have to worry too much about bra size, cup size etc.

My best advice is talk to an assistant and don't be shy. They are there to help and deal with male clients on a daily basis. This is their job and they can guide you in the right direction as long as you give them just a little bit of information. So find out bra size, brief size, dress size, height, weight, whatever information you can. Then comes the hard part...

What shape does she wear?

This is something that should be researched but it depends on your partner and their willingness to try something new too. The safest options for buying lingerie gifts is to stick with a particular cut that she always wears. So if she only ever wears push up bras then buying her another push up bra in perhaps a different colour or lace detail is a better option than some sheer bodysuit with multi straps. You may see her in the bodysuit only once but the push up bra option you will see her wear all the time. So pick one feature about what she wears and go with it. Shape is your best option. Does she wear push up bras because she feels she needs to create more cleavage? Then buy her a good push up bra with a matching suspender belt for fun and she'll be prancing around the room with confidence.

Does she wear full coverage wire bras? Again, she does this for a reason. Perhaps she needs that shape for maximum support and going for a half cup option could make her feel uncomfortable if she is fuller in the bust. Look for something in a pretty lacework detail that still maintains the shape she loves to wear.

What colour does she wear?

If she is a beige only girl think about why she wears that colour. Is it because her white work shirt only allows her to wear beige underneath it? Then perhaps buy her a pretty but neutral colour bra she can still wear under her shirts but on a daily basis rather than her t-shirt style options. Does she wear only black clothing on top? Well buying her a white bra isn't going to be a good option as she will never wear it. Buy her perhaps a luscious red or deep blue colour bra for a dark option that isn't plain black. If you want her to be wearing the set on a daily basis then look at the clothing she normally wears and make sure the lingerie set will work underneath it.

What is her style?

Is she a t-shirt and jeans type girl? Then look into a smoothline bra set with a twist. Perhaps something with a flat lace overlay or an interesting print.

Is she an Audrey Heprurn, little black dress kind of girl? Opt for a classic style in a label perhaps she wouldnt normally splurge on. Maybe a silk chemise she can wear under her dresses and to sleep in.

Is she a funky fashionista? Why not look into a fashion lingerie piece that can be shown off a little under an outfit. A set that has interesting strap work or stud detail.

Is she a vintage queen who always pin curls her hair? The look into some cool retro style lingerie with a suspender belt or high waisted briefs.

Is she a pink bowed Princess who loves all things girlie? Then look out for a feminine appeal lingerie set in a colour she loves to wear. Lace and flounce, ruffles and bows.

It's easy to pick a lingerie style for your partner by her personality and fashion sense. The lingerie you are most likely to see her wearing is something she can actually wear under her outifts not just for the bedroom. So take these tips men and do your research. This is your aim. To get her to wear your gift on a daily basis but you have to follow the rules. If you purchase lingerie for yourself and not her, you could be in for a horrible Valenines night. Just saying...

Bonus TIPS:
Make sure you can exchange the lingerie set if you do get it wrong. Keep a hold of your receipts and tags attached to the garments.

Buy a set with a matching suspender belt. That way she can wear the bra and bottom as everyday wear and team it up with the suspender for special occasions.

Step it up one notch from the label she normally wears. If she is a Elle Macpherson girl then try one of their more expensive lines. If she wears Bonds then step it up to Calvin Klein. If she wears designer labels then buy her La Perla. 

So, what are you going to purchase your partner for Valentines day? And also, what are YOU going to wear?? We like our men to wear nice underwear too you know!


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