Shhhh.....Zip it!

Shhh! Shut your mouth! Quiet! Shut up! Zip it! I know I don't need anymore black in my lingerie collection but I can't seem to be able to say no to an unusual style bra, even if it is in plain black. I'm always on the lookout for something just a little different. A lingerie set with that "je ne sais quoi"  If I look in bra drawer number one at home, I'd say three quarters of the bras in there are black. Perhaps it is a Melbourne thing? But really I think it truly depends on the colours you wear over the top of it everyday. I do wear a lot of black...

I just purchased my first Maison Close bra from Passion Fruit (more on this store later) I raided their racks and found a gorgeous black satin bra with zips going up the middle of the cup. You could wear it done up or open and turn it into a peek a boo bra. It was so unusual and cheeky I had to buy it! It wasn't my normal thing to do, when it wasn't on sale, but the price point for this Romanian label are actually perfectly affordable. $49 for the bra, but there weren't any matching bottoms left. Lucky for me I have a multitude of black bottoms that would match perfectly with this unique bra.

My Maison Close bra could be worn normally or remove the shoulder straps and convert it into a strapless. I loved the idea of a sexy adaptable bra. Practical yet completely raunchy! Check out the video link here to see the garments on

I wasn't sure how comfortable lingerie with a zip would be and I certainly didn't want to try zipping it up once I had it on....ouch! But the bra was actually not too bad! The zip sat nice and flat underneath the cup and was quite comfortable to wear.  It made me rack my brain to think of other lingerie brands that have used zips as a main feature piece. When done well, I think it makes a piece look quite modern and funky. Be it a zip strap or an item that actually unzips. Here are some of the labels I know to have done this really well.



La Perla
Find me here on Twitter for up to the minute purchases and sales as I find them. I Tweeted about this purchase as soon as I bought it. I can't hold my excitement when I find new lingerie.

Have you heard of Maison Close? Would you wear lingerie that unzipped?


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