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Hi, my name is My Lingerie Addiction and welcome to my world. I have been receiving quite a few emails lately asking lingerie related questions as well as wondering who I am and what authority I have talking about this subject. I am so grateful that a little fun venture has turned into something that I can use to not only vent, but to also get my point across to people out there whom I will never meet. I never really introduced myself at the start, as the blog was just for my personal enjoyment and for my friends to read. It was a venting tool so I didn't have to talk lingerie over group dinners or birthday parties. I think my friends were well and truly over that conversation. So I started the blog in order to not only get it all out of my system but to document how much I actually own (I still don't know the exact number).

The conversations I have about lingerie can go to extremes and to be honest I don't have many people I can talk in depth about it with. Now thanks to the blog, there is you. There is a lot to learn about the world of lingerie. From media presented lingerie photography to feminine insecurities. From lingerie being thought of as purely a sex aid to how best store your bras. The argument of what men want compared to what women want. There are a million topics out there I want to touch on and learn more about myself. And six months ago I jotted down on paper some subjects I'd like to broach. I wanted to see if I would have enough to write about, and after twenty minutes I had over a hundred topics. This was a viable idea.

In one way, My Lingerie Addiction is for me to spout my opinion on labels, styles and service. In another it is a tool for those interested in reading how to see lingerie the way I do. Not just as a necessity, not just as a sexual accessory. Lingerie is all about you and if we as women don't talk about it how will we know what is available and how it should feel on? Media exposes us to fashion but lingerie is still taboo and hardly written about. Shapewear dominates Australian magazines over all other lingerie styles and I truly hate that. This will soon be all we know about lingerie.

Do you want to know if you are wearing the correct bra size? Or would you like to know more about the different shapes that are available and what body type they are best suited to? Is it ok to wear a push up bra on a daily basis? Where do you find a strapless bra for a G cup size? This is what I am here for. I may sound preachy and opinionated at times but I feel I can be. This is my anonymous world. Your opinion can differ from mine about style and that's completely fine. I just want to show you all the options you may not normally be exposed to via normal media. And let me tell you, I have been in this industry a long time and you wont meet anyone else in Australia as passionate about lingerie as I am. Certain things I write about are actual facts and some are merely my opinions. I am excited that you are reading and asking questions. I hope you pass it around so the conversation can continue (also feel free to skim and just look at pretty pictures).

So let me tell you a few base facts and reasons behind My Lingerie Addiction... the blog.

#1 Yes, I am a female! (Someone did actually question this)
#2 I am in my early 30s
#3 I have worked in the Australian lingerie industry for ten years in many different fields. As a professional fitter, designer, trainer, stylist, personal shopper and blogger. It is my passion, my career and my fun.
#4 My aim is to have Australian women open up to the world of good lingerie and not think of it as only a necessity, a body changing garment or a sexual item worn to please others. We aren't being exposed to decent lingerie here the way that Europe or the US are.
#5 I keep myself hidden for a reason, as obviously I am talking about a very personal and often thought of as sexual subject. So please no dodgy comments...(guys I'm talking to you)

Special thanks to Natalie Rowe photography

Lingerie: Prelude purchased at Honey Birdette
Model: Meg Goodes
Hair: Madeline Leon
Makeup: Candy

Feel free to ask questions and leave feedback on the blog itself and not just via email or FB. You can comment on here anonymously too! What have you learnt so far from reading the blog?


  1. I love it and think you do a ripper of a job, and as I know you personally I know that this is all truth and I love the lingerie I get for my birthday :) you should be so proud, I'm so proud of you!

  2. We're happy to find out more things about you and your blog! Lots of inspiration from now on too!

    PS: Lovely photos! Thank you for mentioning us :) In about two weeks (hopefully) you can visit our online shop.

    Have a lovely day,


  3. I learnt that I needed to get re fitted. I was wearing the wrong bra size. Not anymore!

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