I love you more than lingerie

Valentines Day has come and gone and I know, I didn't even blog about it... I have been in absolute peak season in every aspect of my lingerie work. I had no plans for Valentines night because
#1 I knew I would be exhausted beyond belief
#2 No one asked for my time...

"I'm not a Valentine's type" I said, but then again, is this something singles say when they don't have a date?
Is that what couples say when they know their other half will just scoff at the idea of having to organise something?
Is that what I would say if I were all loved up and wanting to celebrate that with my partner and he also wanted to celebrate with me?
Is saying you aren't into Valentines day, just an excuse for the way you actually feel?

I remember a time when I would celebrate Valentines day in true romantic style. Not only would I organise new lingerie for myself and make a gift for my partner, but he would also have planned a surprise night out for the two of us. He would appear at my house with a bunch of roses and a little gift to say "I acknowledge today, even if I don't show you my appreciation all the time." But then again, that was when I was young and unaffected by heart break. That was with my first love. Does the feeling of love and romance lessen through time?

I am a romantic at heart so I hold onto this concept of love, romance and signs of overt affection that perhaps normally are stunted. Valentine's Day gives us an excuse to do something we wouldn't normally do to express our feelings. Perhaps he will buy a lingerie set that you wouldn't normally wear, but that night you will wear it proudly. Maybe it's just a matter of cooking a meal together as the two of you are never ever seen in the kitchen at the same time. That day, somehow, you make it work. A meal emerges and the wine flows much more freely. You cease the arguing and you make an effort with each other.

Yes Valentines day has become this over commercialized day promoting sales for florists, lingerie stores and restaurants, but so what? You celebrate Christmas don't you? Is this any different? So what if Santa Clause doesn't exist, do you tell your children that when they are young or do you hold onto the image it actually represents as long as you possibly can? Why do we become so much more jaded as time goes by? I love the idea that family put their differences aside for Christmas and make an effort with each other. I like that couples step out of the normal, perhaps banal life for Valentine's and make a romantic gesture when perhaps every other Friday night they would just yell at each other...

You can buy into the commercialized version of what you think Valentine's Day is as much as you want, but you know what? I will always hold onto the image it represents to me and always celebrate it when I am in love, in the style I am accustomed to. Love, lingerie, romance and appreciation. My parents got married on this day for a reason...

This year I celebrated Valentines day with my clients while working, and at night in my La Perla Black Label corset while napping away my exhaustion on the couch. It was a perfect day celebrating the things I currently love most. Lingerie and sleep... But I do look forward to the day I can say to someone,
"I love you, more than lingerie..."

What did you do to celebrate Valentine's Day this year?


  1. I did nothing for Valentines either. Just ate cake! You shouldve joined me!

  2. Read all your posts, sorry to be a pain but how do i subscribe?


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