I dont buy lingerie in order to wear it!

 Buying lingerie online is not something I recommend most people do, as it can truly be hit or miss. But I have to admit I do often purchase my lingerie this way. You see, I dont actually care if an item fits me or not if I can get it at a good price. I am a collector after all... and I buy to own, not necessarily to wear. I know my size in most brands and if it doesn't fit me, no doubt I will use it in a photo shoot along the way. It's all part of building my collection.

After years of practice I can usually tell just via a photograph and basic size guide, if an item is going to fit me or not. Luckily I do have an adaptable, easy to fit size... but sometimes I find a piece that I must have even though I know in my heart of hearts it will never ever fit me... Say hello to my new Myla diamante bra that I will never wear...

I bought this piece online last month and I knew as I hit pay and my money left my account, that I was never going to be able to wear it. I had seen a similar piece at the Myla concession at Printemps when I was in Paris last year and drooled over the metal frame and sparkling jewels in the glass case it lay in. When I looked at the price tag, I knew that it would never come home with me, as this piece was worth the actual flight over there. So in my dreams it stayed living for the next few months.

When this piece popped up on my eBay search while killing time before work, I nearly died. The price tag was actually affordable and even though I could see the size was too small, I had to own it. My collection didn't feel complete without this on my racks. My existing jeweled bras were beautiful no doubt, but they didn't compare to this fully caged style.

There were only about five minutes left on the auction when I came across it, so I bid hard and I bid high! I went in for the killer hit just one minute before the auction ended and then put my phone away. I was too scared to check if I'd won, knowing my day would be ruined if I were to find out that yet again it wouldn't be mine...

Luckily the lingerie gods were on my side that day and I would finally own this gem. Once it arrived in the post I tried it on but it hardly covered my bust. The neck strap was about six jewels too short and the middle clasp was far too close together for my shape. It didn't fit, but that was ok. It was mine.

It still lives inside it's satin bag, wrapped in tissue inside the Myla box it arrived in. I take it out about once every three days to look at and then it gets returned delicately back to its home. In a couple weeks it will go out on a shoot and I wait nervously to see that it arrives back in one piece and that the photos are worth the effort of buying and adding this bra to my ever growing collection

To follow my day to day purchases find me on my newly set up Instagram for My lingerie addiction

What is your most frivolous lingerie purchase? 


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