The Crazy Lingerie Lady

I used to worry that I would end up alone, in a hoarders house, with a million pets who I treated like my babies. You know, like that crazy cat lady who always wears a dressing gown and chases her cats around the house with the rollers in her hair that never get removed. As I sit alone in my apartment and look at the lingerie that surrounds me, I start to think perhaps I was right... Perhaps I am a crazy cat lady. I think I just replaced the cats with lingerie.

You see, I remember all their names. La Perla Black Label "Stampa", Pleasure State Couture "Bloom", Christies "Ventaglio", Stella McCartney "Selma Dancing" Elle Macpherson "Maria", Millesia "Cabaret". I tell them not to sleep on my bed but they still do. I tell them off for lying on the floor where I end up tripping over them, but that's where they like to lie. I get frustrated when they decide to play hide and seek behind the couch without telling me about their game."I've been looking for you for hours!"

To me, my lingerie is important. It is my family and part of me dies a little when they are suffering (the elastic goes and becomes unwearable) I like to know where they are at all times and I feature them like artwork on my walls. I have three racks for them to hang and be admired in my lounge-room, not to mention a tall boy full to the brim in my bedroom. That still isn't enough room to store it all... To me this has become normal but I realise how odd it is when I have a guest come over and they stand their in shock saying, "You really weren't kidding about this were you..." No I wasn't. Im a crazy lingerie lady...

Now for a series of photos featuring lingerie clad models cuddling cats... What could be better? 

The Loved One

Stella McCartney
My friends cat Titan helping me work.
My hand made Meow Tank suspender.

A cat wearing lingerie!
Now I may be a crazy lingerie lady, that's true, but luckily that also means I am ridiculously passionate about what I do.  It's not just a hobby for me but also my career.

How is your collection coming along? What have you learnt through reading the blog?


  1. Hello!
    I was just wondering if you knew where I could find something similar to this in black? Happy to buy online or in Melbourne stores...

    I can't seem to find it in black because it was on Asos it was on sale and consequently sold out...

    Let me know :)

    1. Try this Dita Von Teese set "Madame X" Bra bottom and suspender belt in black. Available at Myer. It's a similar price point too.

      Hope this helps!

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